Ted McCarthy … beloved by?

I awoke Wednesday to the headlines that this benighted “Senator” spent the previous 21 hours raving against affordable healthcare to prevent the rescue of poor and hardworking Americans who don’t have it right now.  He is a Joe McCarthy look-alike, think-alike, and hate-alike.  An arrogant phony who only the most limited among us cannot see through.

And happily, he is disgracing himself and will fail.

After 19 hours, Sen. Cruz still talking in an effort to defeat Obamacare

By the way, as for his touted superior intellect: what makes you think that is so? The fact that he went to two Ivy League colleges and is an attorney?  Let me remind you that Dubya went to an Ivy League College and Michelle Bachmann is an attorney.  Enough said.

Joseph McCarthy Ted Cruz

If you are lucky enough  to live in the UK or Europe or Australia or anywhere with a sane health care system, you will likely only find this amusing.

If you live in the USA and have great health insurance, this may not be all that compelling.

But, if you, like I (who already have health coverage I am satisfied with) live in American but want to know what is really going on with the Affordable Care Act, I have three articles of interest to share with you below.

The President

Obamacare Premiums Report Shows Low Prices For Uninsured With Wide Variation

Here is the first article you should read. This just arrived in my inbox as I was writing this post. Get the latest here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/25/obamacare-premiums_n_3984979.html?ir=Impact&utm_campaign=092513&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alert-impact&utm_content=Title

The second is from the health reporter of the Seattle Times.

The third is from a political commentator, and he not only sorts out some of the confusion, in his post that I read and copied earlier today, but he includes a link to an article worth reading.

Bill and Hillary


1. From Carol Ostrom:

“So what is this ACA thing and what should you know? Here are 20 things to know as you try to understand the new law and the wave of change that is just beginning.”



2. Joseph O’Shaughnessy

  • “Pretty good article by Robert Pear, a great reporter for the NYTIMES on a number of issues, one of which is health care. Let me see if I can clarify this health care reform issue. Everyone but those, perhaps, between 18 and 30 want health care. And even that age group, if they are married and have kids…want and need health care.The health insurance industry is a “fat cat” business. It is largely an administrative business, handles billing. So it has computers and people. That is the extent.
  • The costs come from customers, if they get sick, because the insurers only have to pay out of the premiums if people get sick.But the business model of a health insurance company is similar to a bank in the sense that, if too many people get sick, there is a run on the bank. Even if the bank survives, the CEO will not make his annual $14 million (the average for health insurance CEOs) and the executive suite will not make its annual average of $1,000,000 (which is not common but has happened.)
  • And here’s the country at large. First, doctors. They are tired of the current situation. They work 80 or 90 hours a week, make a ton of money, but it is not cutting lawns. It is cutting tissue or looking through the skin into the body with only a brain and a dozen years of training between them and your survival. They are worth every damned penny we pay them. They don’t care how things turn out…just don’t make them pay for what comes out in the end. Second, people at large. They want lower health care costs, no anxiety, accessibility to the doctors and hospitals they need and, whenever possible, the doctors they know and who know them. They want to be able to get treatment for their kids, whenever they need it and without worrying that it will be there.Third, people in the health care system who are not docs. They need their jobs. They don’t want to take a pay cut. So, first they don’t want to shake the system, even if they don’t like it, and second, they don’t even want to be involved in an argument that makes them argue against their employers.
  • Like most people today, they need their jobs.Finally, health care company owners and top executives. They have found a gravy train. They didn’t have to go to medical school to become wealthy. (Which of course they are not smart enough to have done.) Like some forms of banking, it is like stealing, like a legal criminal activity. They extort money from average citizens because of a system supported by enough politicians to keep it in play. Up to now.
  • Now, a courageous President, and not the first one to try it, has put a wrench in their works. They don’t like it and they know they are fighting to keep their easy way of being affluent. Passing paper between docs and people. Picking up some change on the way, and excluding people–wherever possible–who get too sick.They–the health insurance industry–will fight this to the last man or woman. Because they know, as Pear says in the article, that costs are going down, because what they talk about all the time is true–free markets, really free markets, do work. And the trimming will come from the fat in the system. Their incomes.
  • There will be a lot of BMWs and Mercedes on the market in the next few years.”



For people who currently are uninsured and who qualify for financial assistance or enrollment in Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor, the average prices look to be low: 56 percent of uninsured will be able to get coverage for less than $100 a month per person, Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, said during the conference call.


If anyone subscribes to Cruz’s cruel sham, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  Unless they are billionaires, they will pay a terrible price for being so easily deluded.

Comparing moderate Americans to Nazi appeasers?  I guess his followers are so ignorant they fall for that hate speech.

Maybe he needs to be schooled.  He should study this great Republican who shared his name but none of his mean-spirited characteristics.

Teddy Roosevelt

Images: The Examiner; Yahoo; Huffington Post


5 Comments on “Ted McCarthy … beloved by?”

  1. That second article in particular is excellent. Very succinct.

    I still don’t get the opposition to all of this. The idea that certain people in this country “deserve” health care while others do not is absolutely repellent to me. I really have to believe that the average person who subscribes to this belief just hasn’t really thought it through. Especially if they call themselves ‘Christian.’ Who would Jesus NOT heal, again?


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