Monthly Archives: January 2014

Neither ruthful nor …

… veracious. After we listened to Obama’s SOTU, I forced myself to sit through one of the multifarious opposing “responses”. Geoffrey walked the dog, unable to stomach what followed. It was no response at all, of course. Clearly they write this flummery without acknowledging what the President actually said, even though I am fairly sure […]

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Butter cookies

After all the sturm und drang in my recent posts, I thought it was time for a Master baking formula. There are a few professional formulas that I can point to, which I have mastered myself, that I know are utterly fool-proof, and produce a perfect product, every single time.  That is, as long as you […]

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A Bridge-t-oo far

I think the key to this whole New Jersey Bridge-gate will be Bridget Anne Kelly. Any moment now, she is going to unleash on Christie, who accused her of being stupid and mendacious.  Steve Kornacki has an interesting explanation of why this is likely.  It has happened to Christie before.  Despite his protestations that ‘this […]

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