Monthly Archives: March 2015

Valenciaga Garden Couture

I borrowed this title from my Flickr Photostream so I could yak about our yard here. ūüėÄ Seems the right time to do it, since our warm¬†‘winter’ has just melted into a hot spring. You will probably¬†remember that, as a transplanted NYer, I have been struggling for over a decade to turn my high desert […]

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It must be Spring, because for¬†the first time, this week, I realized that we are finally going to have a woman President of this country after nearly 250¬†years. How do I know? The best the opposition can do is nitpick about minutiae and petty¬†issues like who selected the 30,000 private, personal emails for deletion. Whether […]

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The Minority Retort

At a funeral a few years ago,¬†I had a memorable conversation with one of Geoffrey’s brothers. He is the in-laws¬†family scholar, a¬†PhD, with degrees in philosophy (Catholic) and law (yup – Catholic). ¬†He is also extremely conservative, has¬†a large family¬†of children, who are¬†home-schooled and then enrolled at a local Catholic college — all of them, […]

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