The Problem with ‘Saving the Bees’

As someone trying to encourage all kinds of pollinators in my yard, I think this is a very timely and urgent message.

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IMG_1215 A native bumble bee (photo Sheila Colla).

By Sheila Colla

I’ve been researching pollinator declines over the past decade. It has been encouraging and inspiring to see my chosen subject matter go from completely off the general public’s radar to one of the most important environmental issues of our time. These days, it would be difficult to go a full week without seeing something alarming about pollinator declines in a newspaper or social media headline.

In general, it is great that the public and policy makers are starting to appreciate the insect pollinators and the ecosystem service they provide. Heck, even Obama himself wants to help! These little creatures feed on nectar and pollen and move pollen grains from flower to flower while foraging. This behaviour allows gene flow to occur among plants, which then leads to the production of seeds and fruit. Given the estimates that over 3/4 of…

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8 Comments on “The Problem with ‘Saving the Bees’”

    • Isn’t there? That surprises me. I have not been to Glasgow yet. I assume there are plenty of bees and other pollinators out in the countryside of Scotland which is so verdant and moist.

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  1. Oiy, I have so much anxiety over the right things to plant in our yard and community garden to encourage native pollinators! I stopped pulling up clover when I heard it was good for bees, then I read an article saying that it depends on the toxin content in your soil. I figure the clover is still better than what it would take to have a yard full of lush green grass so ….. I clearly worry a lot.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Looks like we have a few things in common from education to politics to gardens. I love the photos below on your airplane post.


    • Rory, I am so pleased that you visited. I know we do have things in common. In fact, I just wrote a long post two weeks ago on our planting challenges here in SoCal. It has been an uphill struggle but we are managing to figure it all out, at long last.

      Thank you for the kind words about my photographs. I have been in a spring mood, taking pictures of our yard as the new flowers emerge, and put them on that post, as a continuation of the yard post the week before. It seems like “that” time of year, LOL.

      Welcome! 😀


  2. Have you shown your adorable Annabelle the “Bee Movie?” It is funny but has a very serious side to it, about protecting nature. It has Jerry Seinfeld as a bee, too. The characters and writing is very unique. I was thinking about renting it again, to show my grandies, Beth. My grandson was only 4 when it came out, he is now 10 1/2.
    I agree, we must protect our insect world, even those which help to get rid of bodies, which the show, “Bones,” and “CSI” mention beetles and such. It is always fun to come by and see what is on your mind, Beth! Hugs for those wonderful recent comments, too.


    • No! I will definitely have it for her when she visits during the summer. Thank you!!

      My blog does range all over the place, doesn’t it? Well, I guess that says something about my mind, LOL!

      Hugs back Robin. Something happens to my email notifications — and I stop receiving them. It has happened repeatedly. I am not sure whether Yahoo is doing it or WP, so every so often I have to look at my list of favorite bloggers and make sure I go to your sites to visit. Otherwise, I get distracted and realize weeks have gone by and not heard from you.

      Writing down that Bees movie right now! ❤


    • Ah, the perils of blogging, no? LOL. I will go to that link with interest. I have actually read a number of European science papers on this topic. It is a manifold problem with a variety of causes. Thank you so much! 🙂

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