(F)All in: NY

Well, as I have said before, this is the time to visit my home town, New York City. Here is my post from last autumn. What is amazing is that, while the Mayoral race is over and my guy won (yay!), there is another reason to hurry to the City right this minute: Il Papa! Yep, he is coming to town on September 25 and you had better believe our Catholic Mayor is pulling out all the stops for His Holiness. So … everything I said here is still true. Hope you like it! 😀

Beth Byrnes

If there was ever a time to visit New York City, this is it.


Not only is Fall the prettiest time of the year in NY but there is a Mayoral race going on, so the city will be on its toes and putting all the bells and whistles out for the spotlight that this race will enjoy. If you can, visit NY right now. Bloomberg will get everything shipshape for this key election.

There are other reasons.  Having lived there for 25 years, this is the best season, in my opinion.  First of all, it is usually sunny, dry and cool, not yet cold.  There is less precipitation in the Fall and the winds are not unusually brisk, though they can be just active enough to put a sparkle of energy in the air.


At some point, depending on the temperatures, the leaves will be turning.  Many people do not…

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9 Comments on “(F)All in: NY”

  1. Looks “exciting”. I’m most interested in the “de briefing” report upon your return. NYC
    having some “troubles” nowadays . Squeegees , etc. are back big time 1980’s style.
    I visit fairly often. There are still very fine oasis you’ll be very familiar with. ENJOY !

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    • Oh, no! Don’t tell me! Well, DeBlasi aint Giuliani, right? For better or worse. You know, Bob, all I care about is that Mayor Bill puts in middle income housing at last. I could not even afford our coop apartment. It is going for 1.5 million right now. Can you believe it? 😀


  2. For sure !!! Our one(1) bedroom “railroad”, ues, first floor , went from $179.00 (rent control) to $3,500.00/ Mo. Five years ago. Nowadays only rent controls survive for
    affordability. Thus neighborhood, very “elderly”. Thus, Brooklyn , Queens, exploding.
    Still all “very vibrant” , attitudes up beat, you’ll enjoy thoroughly.

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        • The one problem I see is that Manhattan is becoming a foreigner’s investment where they buy up apartments that they don’t occupy, interfering with the sense of community locals want.


          • Correct. That’s driving the “wild” multi-million dollar co-op news. It
            filters down to the 9-5 slaves and chases them out to the boroughs..
            You’ll find the community you are familiar with pretty much intact. Just,
            the “strollers” all pushed by “nanny’s’ !!… Can’t wait for your notes
            on your return.

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            • If I were to live there again, I would move to Yonkers. That is my favorite place outside of the city proper. I think it is still affordable, but I could be mistaken. 😀 OR, I would move back to Monmouth County, misunderstood and underestimated. Thanks Bob!! 😀

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  3. I do not think it would be necessary for me to visit NY, for I am getting to know and feel what and how its happening there through your Blog.
    I had once a lot of fascination for NYC, because somebody close to me lived there.
    Do visit my Blog, there is a big Awards function going on at my Blog.
    Lots of Love to You.


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