Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Jai road

Last month, we took a trip to one of our favorite nearby hidden treasures. Called Ojai (oh-high) by the Chumash, its original inhabitants for hundreds of pre-Columbian years, this is a resort town tucked away in the mountains above Ventura, just miles from the Central California Coast.  These pictures are from a recent trip we […]

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Reign of error

Watch out.  I am going to opine here. It seems appropriate for Friday the 13th in November.  If this sort of thing makes the hairs on your eyebrows crackle, just tell me what you think of my autumn Valencia pictures. I will not be offended 😀 I don’t want to be negative or simplistic but we […]

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I should have titled this, ‘Life in the slow lane’.  I may use that for my memoires, LOL! My little respite from work ended abruptly with the onset of the busy season, from now through January. So, I will be grinding away from here on out — but not complaining. A little work, a little […]

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