Monthly Archives: December 2015

All that glitters is not cold

This is the frantic time of year for us. Geoffrey is always slammed with huge projects and crazy deadlines and I have to turn away job after job. I thought I had everything under control because we bought all our gifts early and sent off the ones that needed to be delivered, the rest being […]

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ThIS IS a plan

“It’s better to be strong and wrong, than right and weak.” Do you agree? It seems to be the primary message of extremists all around the world, Trump among them. If you listen to talk radio in this country, you are likely hear vociferous support for the new brand of fascism that Donald Trump is promoting […]

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It’s Jai time

Sometimes it is just too late. That is what the President said earlier this week, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King at a press conference on the UN climate summit.  You can wait too long for something and miss your chance.  So, one has to be informed and ready to act. As I have mentioned previously, we missed the […]

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