North of the Border

27989785343_995db824f8_kAfter the long rant last time, I thought I would turn to something more light-hearted and not talk too much. πŸ˜€


You will forgive me, too, I know, if this is a bit disjointed and inarticulate as we were down in San Diego all day yesterday and I am beat.


As I have said here ad nauseum, I have been on a quest to find a place to retire to some day. That may be a pipe dream but it has been a goal. There is not much on any personal bucket list, because I have been lucky enough to see the world and do almost everything most people want to do.


My dream is to have a place near the sea, away from the extreme weather of Santa Clarita, and be surrounded by the vibrant, multi-cultural, rich environment of a big, evolving, future-oriented metropolis.


Throughout this blog for the past three years, and on my Flickr page, I have shared my analysis and appreciation of various areas of California, the country and even the world.


My latest passion is based on the fact that my best friend Deanna and her family have moved to La Jolla, an affluent San Diego beach town.


My aunt also lives there, so now I have two reasons to spend time in that southern-most corner of California.


We decided to think about renting a small place in the environs of San Diego, to make it easier to visit everyone there and to consider it as a future retirement destination. Β It’s only drawback being, it is far from Geoffrey’s business and the building he owns with his partner, in Downtown LA.


Not being made of money and, like most Californians, being house-poor, La Jolla is out of the question.


But, luckily for us, there are other, exciting and affordable (just barely) towns in greater San Diego.


Without dragging you through our process for identifying it, cutting to the chase, we found what I like to think of as Oakland-South. See my posts on Oakland as my winter travel destination from, well, the winter this year.


That place is North Park, just a bit south and east of La Jolla, very close to Downtown San Diego and home to some of the most charming 1930s Craftsman homes I have ever seen. Also, as we walked around on our different visits, we noticed that this is a town replete with windows.


Everywhere you go, windows are the feature of all kinds of buildings. Everything is festooned with these big “eyes”, open to the world, letting lifeΒ and light in.Β The effect is cheerful and airy.


What I love about Oakland, I love about North Park: diversity, color, cheer, whimsy, ethnic flavor, accessibility, forward-thinkers, day and night activity, gritty reality with an upbeat Urban Hipster flair — minutes from the Pacific ocean.


Since I will probably speak more about this very cool, very happening, edgy and “in” place often in the future, I will let the photos doing my talking this time.


Oh, North Park among all its other charms and assets, is home to the famous San Diego Zoo.

Stay tuned!

Images: Chez BeBe assets: North Park, California – click on the to enlarge

25 Comments on “North of the Border”

  1. Wonderful photos, Beth! BTW, how are you doing with all the fires and smoke? Thinking about you.
    BTW2, I finally purchased a slide scanner. I’ll be scanning slowly but surely and using some of my own slides next year. Thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Susan! So good of you to stop by, read and comment.

      Believe it or not, the big Blue Cut fire is about 75 miles from us, but when we drove down to La Jolla/San Diego this week, we could see a thick yellow cloud of its smoke, hanging sickeningly over Santa Monica! Can you believe that? Santa Monica must be 100 miles or more from San Bernardino where the fire is raging.

      Right now, nothing near us, thank heaven —

      You are further along in the scanning than I am. Eeee – so much work, but worth it.


  2. At the first instance why are you thinking of retiring so soon and now.
    Sooner you may find shall be bad for us.
    So do not think of retirement and settling somewhere, you are young and have the Heart and Will to travel.
    Show us more of this world My Dear Beth!

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    • Well, you are more than kind, Shiva. Thank you!

      I just turned 48!! So, retirement is not that far away, but really I am thinking of it more as my husband retiring from having to go to work every day. I work from home and will probably do so for another 40 years, Lord willing. πŸ˜€

      Even if we do retire, we will keep on being on the internet, so you will be seeing me here for a while. Unless I run out of ideas! LOL!

      You are always such a welcome visitor and friend, Shiva.


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  3. Why another 40 make it 50, I wish you do that. You say you will be on the internet for a while; do not ever think so as this new world shall always make you know of new things. What is the age you retire there in the US. I am only 12 years older to you and I feel I am 30.
    Whatever it is be happy and I wish YOU and your Husband many many more years of togetherness.

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    • OK! Let’s make it 50 then :-D.

      Retirement here is usually between 65 and 70, but some people do it earlier and others later.

      I just want to pry this man away from Los Angeles, so I have a secret plan, Shiva. He loves to ride his bike and North Park is a very bicycle-friendly town. So, we shall see!

      Thank you for those kind thoughts.

      Hugs back to you!! ❀

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  4. I would like to say, hey thanks for the nostalgic post. But…I recognized nothing in ANY of the photos, except for maybe that patch of grass in La Jolla! Well, I haven’t been to SD in decades, and lived there in the 60’s. I almost bought a house for $30,000 in 1967. Can you see me kicking myself in the butt from where you are?

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  5. I really liked the idea of your moving into a getaway house and hope from one of your comments this is completed by now. I liked the whimsical and colorful time of the area you displayed, Beth. I am happy you may spend time with Deanna and your aunt without rushing home nor feel like you have to pack to visit! πŸ™‚
    The North Park area in Oakland-South looks like a friendly and warm place to reside. My parents retired in their 50’s since they worked their 30 years at NASA and teaching then decided to kick back and enjoy a relaxed, less stressful or formal life style. It helped for the grown kids, me! Since I could bring my own children to Lake Erie and feel the same way for a week or weekend.
    Blessings and a special, belated congratulations for taking a first step towards retirement and the bustle of other parts of California! hugs xo

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  6. It has been interesting so far. In fact I am down here this weekend as Deanna just had her new baby. We will see if we like this neighborhood enough to make this a permanent second home — and if we can afford it, lol.

    Sounds like you have an ideal family Robin and were lucky to have a wonderful childhood. We should all be so fortunate!



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