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It’s Thanksgiving week as we all know. And, I could have prepared a feel good piece about how Geoffrey and I celebrate at a table filled with delicious, ethical seasonal fare such as pistachio risotto with roasted root vegetables and cornbread stuffing with porcini gravy and maple-sweetened yams.

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But, I am feeling too serious for all that.

I will make this brief.  As we sat around chewing over the disastrous outcome of the recent election, and listened to Free Speech TV — the only talking heads I can bear any longer, i.e., Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press and Amy Goodman — it gradually dawned on me that nothing we can do now or in the future will change the morass we find ourselves in.  In fact, I now recognize that we, in America, just like the rest of the world, have been enduring these political boom/bust cycles for the past few thousand years.  Around and ’round we go on the gerbil wheel, deluding ourselves that this 21st century is any better than any before it.

Let me boil it down and if anyone cares to challenge or amplify it, I welcome your input, as this is a short week and at our house we are in the throes of holiday prep.  We will be spending it in Los Angeles and then I will be in San Diego for most of January, so my writing and photography will be subject to my new computer equipment and abbreviated time to do both. I hope to stick to my two week schedule, but don’t hold me to it.

Part of the reason I blog is to share my enthusiasm or my discoveries in all the arenas in which I dabble: crafts, photography, gardening, nutrition, decorating, music, higher consciousness, and politics.  What is the point of another blithe piece on any one of these when the realization that we are just fooling ourselves into thinking there is real progress is just that: foolish, silly, and deluded.

turkey two

I am not a depressive type by nature, so believe me when I tell you I am not sad about this, nor down, nor dejected, nor defeated.  I am more resigned, accepting and sobered by it.  Life goes on. I have lots of hobbies and activities that keep me busy. I am an acquisitor, as I have joked about extensively. Name the item and I have at least 100 of them. No foolin’. I say this not with pride, but with astonishment. Stuff just arrives. Good, nice stuff that I really like. Like my new computer and all the bells, whistles and gimcracks I got to go along with it. Like all the bling and shine and color I add to my wardrobe, my home, my accessories.  That’s enough to keep one person occupied.

Unfortunately, I am cursed with an inquistor’s mind. I think a lot, love to study, want to know what is true, to look at the sweep of history and learn lessons from it. From my own errors, achievements and those of others.  That is where I think I have been stuck and as a result have fruitlessly expected the right, the good, the true and the beautiful to prevail. But it hasn’t.

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And why do I say this? Because, despite our evolving intellect and psyche, the reins of power remain in the hands of the very few, the owner class, that much overworked but accurate term, the plutocrats/oligarchs, and has done so for thousands of years.  It is no different today than it was in medieval times when powerful landowners bullied and terrorized their way to scooping up treasure from those less powerful, to the colonial times of the Founders here when the fortunes were made on the backs of free labor, conscripted for the purpose of making a handful of European overlords exceedingly rich, to the current fossil fuel hegemons, the so-called petro-billionaire class who are loyal only to their billions, who depend on a duped, doped, docile army of workers, toiling at near slave wages, to continue building their obscene wealth and immutable power.

If this makes me sound like a communist or a conspiracy-theorist, I am neither. I do like a Scandinavian-style capitalism, in a peaceful (anti-bellicose), verdant, egalitarian social order but have long given up that we can have it here. To see Europe and the United States taken over by right-wing Nationalists is to set my personal idealism back 30 years. While I am at it, the world doesn’t think The Leader is stupid, they think the American voters are.

turkey four

Who is better off? The supposed adherents to the “white-lash” myth, who believed The Leader would be a change agent and who, to this minute, refuse to see that he is filling our government with the very thieves and crooks and liars that caused their misery in the first place? The self-same group! What is the matter with Americans? Can’t they see that they are being abused all over again and actually partnering in it willingly?

Or are we so-called bi-coastal ‘elites’ (hah!) happier in the knowledge that we, with our lofty principles and untrammeled notions of the inner goodness that comes self-illumined, just threw away the next 30 years of progress with both hands? The election was stolen through a variety of means. Those of us on the ‘left’ know exactly what they were. People on the ‘right’ refuse to acknowledge these techniques. (Anyone here forgotten those tricks? Just ask and I will refresh you on them, but in a nutshell: voter purges and suppression). We watched the oligarchs use their toadies to pull this off and we did and said nothing. This is what a modern day coup looks like, folks.  We should demand a recount of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. But Democrats being the elegant people they are, will likely not do that. Just imagine if the situation were reversed.

The public was lured down this dark road by the promise of jobs. Really? The Leader is promising fossil fuel jobs. That industry is being mechanized. It has little or nothing to do with trade deals or the world, it has to do with improved technology supplanting costly and inefficient human labor. The Leader cannot bring those jobs back, it was and is a lie.  Our Candidate promised jobs associated with the booming clean energy industry, but coal miners and frackers would need new training. That frightens them, so they ignored its promise. Other advanced countries are already eating our lunch in that sector, among them Germany and China, for heaven sake. But, The Leader and his backers in the fossil fuel field (Robert Mercer, a Koch crony, bought this election and got the puppet of his choice appointed to the highest seat in the land. It might as well be Mercer himself in the White House) don’t want to relinquish the feed bag and certainly not to any public works or middle class!

The Leader is also jumping in front of the infrastructure parade, giving himself credit. And what do you think he will do? Privatize it and put up toll roads! Duh! Our Candidate would have made this a shared bond-issue project from which all communities would have benefited at the individual and collective level. You decide which you would have preferred.

turkey three

Which is worse, the drug of stupidity or that of superiority? We progressive post-modernists were so sure that when the oppressed considered their choices between a fascist and a proletarian, they would obviously know which to choose in their own best interest. Did they? No, into the mouth of the dragon they marched, willingly and cheering, wearing the beast’s colors proudly as they went.

Sorry. I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am, believe me. I begin and end every single day reflecting on these.

What I won’t be doing ever again is believing that anyone outside the tight circle of the powerful can have the society we were all promised. The only way these people can maintain their pinnacle is on the backs of modern-day slaves, and slaves we are.  All we can do is decorate our slave quarters, both physical and mental, and survive in them.

Despite this, I am happy. Perhaps that is because I can afford to be. I will weather this latest cycle of Thatcher-Reaganism. Though a slave myself, I am one of the more accepted among them: an Irish Catholic woman of modest means, who toes the mark and only protests in futile academic words that most can ignore as being tiresome, dull and abstruse. So be it.  Maybe I will wake up in another life, on Mars, and be too busy scrounging for oxygen to notice that it is the same world order there as here, then as now and was.

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38 Comments on “Eschew on this”

  1. Well, you said what many of us are thinking, Beth. Unlike you, however, I AM battling depression and anxiety, as one of the many WASPs who could easily be kicked over the economic edge due to new laws enacted by the ruling class.

    I am beyond dismayed that these self-focused bandits and this diagnostically narcissistic millionaire were voted INTO office by the foolish, who believe that *any* new broom would be better than the status quo of the past decade — and that *this* new broom would sweep CLEAN.

    Hide and watch – and we would all do well to attempt to stay under their radar.

    I am doing my best to enjoy the time before DT and his rogues gallery take over officially, because I’m fairly certain that I won’t enjoy much of what’s coming once they do. I currently reside in Ohio, after all.

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving this year. I am personally grateful that it’s not January YET!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • Just wait until they find out that Ryan and Trump will do away with Medicare as we know it and they are left with vouchers that decline in value as years pass.

      Everyone says they believed him, but don’t they do their homework? He ran as a Republican and that means he will be enacting and implementing their ideas, which have always focused on doing away with the New Deal and Great Society.

      Ryan cannot bear the fact that government programs actually work. So, he plans to lie to these people, yet again, and tell them that Obamacare is causing Medicare to go broke, when it is exactly the opposite. Medicare was strengthened by the Affordable Care Act.

      The blatant lies that were told are breathtaking.

      A year of lies and disinformation about Clinton, for which there was no antidote as very gullible people who don’t know how to vet information were barraged with phony stories. Someone said counteracting them would be like spitting into a tsunami.

      It will serve them right when they see what he truly has in mind. He will take credit for all the programs Obama put in place to benefit the average person, over the past eight years, he will blow up the deficit (which no Republican will mention during his term) and leave the mess to whoever follows him. Just like Reagan and Bush did.

      I’m sorry but Americans are being stupid!

      Ryan thinks The Leader has a mandate. Really? Two million voters short and counting?

      What is wrong with this country, Madelyn?

      I cannot remain silent. And like you, imagine what things will be like when he takes over. God help us.

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      • Even reading the names Reagan & Bush make me shudder. I’m sorry THAT Americans are being stupid, but I’m not sorry to see it *said* that they are.

        The comment I heard over T-giving dinner that almost caused me to choke was, “Well, DT was a democrat for years, so he won’t really follow through on the things he had to say to get the Republican votes on board.”

        Noooooooooo . . .

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        • Oh believe me, I skirted being with Republicans at Thanksgiving for just that reason. I could not have been silent about all this BS.

          In Geoff’s family, it is all about abortion. They are very sure that they are protecting millions of fetuses. Meanwhile, they are fine with programs that kill millions of people. There is no discussing it with them since they are single issue voters and have blinders on about that issue and how Democrats would and do deal with it humanely.

          As for The Leader being a Democrat. BS! He has no core or values or ideology. He is a narcissist and a rather uneducated one at that. He is not reading the briefings, he has to have his three kids there to tell him what to think. Naturally as he fails, the Right will blame it on his having been a so-called Democrat.

          Really, these people have no scruples.

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          • The anti-nepotism loophole for the Exec. office will bite us ALL in the butt.

            The Far Right not only has no scruples, they have no morals. As for abortion, I’ll be damned if anybody thinks I am going to remain silent about their attempt to relegate women to the role of “host organism.” If white men could get pregnant, anti-conception pills would replace condoms, and would be marketed and advertised like penis stiffener pills.


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            • You are so right. Why do women continue to allow themselves to be used and brainwashed. They are so accustomed to this subservience that they have normalized it in their own minds. It might as well be the middle ages here.


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            • Or the 50s!!! Get out those house dresses, ladies, and fix your hair and make up before your man comes in the door – along with a stiff drink for the poor hard-working master of the house. We’re repealing votes for married women, btw – so unfair to the bachelors who don’t have anyone to second their opinion at the polls.

              Buy stock in prozac before it splits, Beth – half the country will be on it ere long.

              No smiley face here – nuthin’ amusing intended.

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            • I almost want to laugh, especially that description of 50s women.

              My mother is a full on emancipated working professional who still did all the cooking and cleaning inside, while my dad did the outside work. In many ways they were traditional but since my mother had more degrees than my dad, he never treated her as a second class citizen or a satellite.

              In fact, he and she both voted for Clinton. He left the Republican party after Trump was nominated.

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            • I’d like to believe that my late father would have done the same – but I sincerely doubt it, sadly. He was the uber-Republican, and the two of us NEVER agreed politically.

              Even though my father treated my mother respectfully (opening doors for her, etc.) my mother did the vast majority of the house and child-minding chores, despite her high intelligence. She must have been bored to tears (and kept her own political views to herself, btw).

              I am fairly sure that watching the goings on in my parents marriage from childhood turned ME into a confirmed feminist and human rights activist – and is probably why I am unmarried today.

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            • Well, one thing is for sure. Whenever Geoff and I have a major disagreement, I make it abundantly clear that I do not NEED to be married. We got married to make the family Catholics happy. We would have been just as content to live together.

              It is a stark new reality that women no longer have to be tethered to anyone in order to feel fulfilled.

              My mother has been a staunch Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat her whole life and I like to think of ER as my role model too.

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            • ER certainly was a front runner – especially admirable in a woman so visible (and in a position expected to be little more than an echo).

              Another thing we have in common: although a City Hall deal was our plan, my ex-husband and I changed our plans at the last moment and married at a church, because it was a BIG deal to his family. Even though it was too late to plan an actual “wedding” (that 2 grad students could never have afforded anyway), his family was much relieved none-the-less.

              Times have changed – but not enough, IMHO.

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          • Oh, wait, though, I will go one better. We had to get married twice because Geoffrey’s grandmother would not acknowledge we were married, since the church was an historic Episcopalian one in Philadelphia. We had the second wedding in the hotel by a priest friend of the family. My brother in law made the host in the hotel kitchen and they had it blessed by a bishop on an emergency basis.

            Can you imagine? LOL!!!

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  2. All of this is true. I am praying congress rejects Sessions and will do the same to Giuliani should he be chosen for SoS. It’s obvious Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing based on his process and picks. He is vindictive, and will eventually set himself up for Impeachment.

    BTW, try listening to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. You’ll love her!

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    • You know, Susan, I think Sessions will be confirmed. These people are literally dancing with glee that they can pack the congress and the courts with fanatics. I have no faith left that anyone will stand up to DT. Even Romney. What kind of ethics, convictions, morals do these people have?

      And that despicable Ryan, the Koch muppet. He wants to do away with the social safety nets. What will we do? I know Geoff and I cannot afford healthcare back on the so-called free market. We work for ourselves. No one is providing us with anything. We won’t be able to even afford a single illness. It’s despicable, what they are doing.

      I hope someone has the spine to impeach that guy. Can you just imagine if Clinton was doing half of what he is up to right now? It’s unbelievable.

      I hold every single person who voted for him, for Stein, or Johnson or stayed home responsible for helping to destroy the middle class.

      And, I do watch Rachel. In fact I watch Chris Hayes, Lawrence, Joy Reid and sometimes Rachel. My only problem with her is she makes jokes about all this and tries to take a laughing approach to what I consider deadly serious issues. It is hard to witness anyone making light of this dire situation.

      But, I know she does it because if she were to be serious on air, the suits at NBC would fire her, just the way they did Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz, for being too outspoken.

      I hold the mainstream media culpable in this catastrophe as well.

      Where did our prayers go, Susan? What can be the reason this happened? I am looking for one.

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      • I know, Beth, I know. And yet…I must hold out hope. Otherwise, I will cave in to anger and fear, and I cannot do that and follow my God.

        And truthfully, I am not happy about this recount effort. I think it will only tear us further apart and take our focus off the issues of jobs, health care, equal pay, racial injustice, women’s reproductive rights and mass incarceration.

        We cannot stop at complaining. We all need to begin now to write our senators and representatives (all of them, Dems or Reps) in deluge and without ceasing, and let them know what we expect of them. We need to remind them they represent ALL of us.

        And perhaps, in some way, our prayers have been answered. Just not in the way we imagined. I still trust He loves us dearly and has our best interests at heart. I will still be praying, even though I cannot see the answer yet.

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        • I think we need to do everything we can. I have written to Feinstein and Boxer in the past, but I already know they and I are on the same wavelength.

          As for my Representative, I live in Buck McKeon territory. I think the guy is Steve Knight and he is a Tea Partier’s dream — total right wing fanatic. No point in writing to him.

          Our problem is McConnell will invoke the nuclear option and completely take away the Democrat’s slim power, so all the letters in the world are not going to matter. To me they are just to give us the feeling we are doing something.

          I AM angry, I do not have your hopeful nature at this point. There is nothing I see in That Man’s past or current behavior to make me think he or the people around him will uphold any of my ideals.

          I have to just ride it out, keep on praying and hope he totally undermines himself and either leaves or is driven out.

          Unfortunately, that puts Pence in the WH and Pence is even more backward than That Man.

          I just can’t be a pollyanna this time.


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          • I have written to Feinstein; I will be writing to all the members of the Judiciary committee come January.

            Beth, if we refuse to engage those disagree with us, there will never be communication. I must choose to reach out first even if I think there will be no one there to listen. I must make the effort even if my words may fall upon deaf ears. Because at some point, someone will listen; at some point, one heart will be changed. I cannot think globally; I must think locally, one person at a time. It is who I am.

            Maybe that is being Pollyanna; maybe that is being true to my 1960s roots. Maybe that is honoring the way I follow Jesus. I just know that is the approach I must take in these uncertain times – even toward someone who may hate what I stand for. Because if I turn my back on that one person, I turn my back on all I believe.

            Love you, my friend.

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            • I know what you mean. I wish I could find something to hope for on this. I have never felt so defeated, politically, because I think our ideals and plans are so obviously better for all Americans than those of the greedy and power-hungry who That Man represents.

              Our local Democrat mover and shaker is a Bernie person and she and I used to go out walking and canvassing back in the 2004 election days. Then I became a Clinton supporter and she was for Obama and we stopped working together. If I wanted to get local, I would have to start with her.

              I will think about it. I keep thinking God has a plan or S/He wouldn’t have allowed this. I am waiting to see what it is.

              Love you back, Susan. I am sure I won’t be posting about this again.


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  3. From Thanks Giving, you could have prepared and relished a pistachio risotto, telling of your tastes and hobbies, your new computer in a new place, in the arenas you dabble and blog for, the outcome of the disastrous election results, the thought of the future of your country, the leaders and the new modern slaves, the unleashing of the unexpected, the over powering of the rich and affluent, the stupidity of the voters, demanding of a recount at few places, you being an Irish catholic woman, to having to take birth on Mars in future to find the same old things even happening there too and dying for oxygen; this write up has popped up very well and an alarming signal to America.
    Leave aside all that Beth and have a nice Sunday as you are perhaps can afford to have one and be happy.
    Come to me I have got something for you to Wonder.

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  4. Beth…first, you started off by saying this would be brief. So, like this…is brief in your head, eh? I reckon I have to feel bad for people who are able to actually think. Personally, I am simply totally apolitical. And I live half the world away. I guess I should feel good about that. I gave up on the American voter long ago. Every knew president wins on the concept of it’s “time for a change.” Then when the change doesn’t come, voters think it’s time for a change again and vote for the guy who says it loudest. Here’s what I’m going to do now: go eat Haagen Dazs. And hey, I hope it’s OK with you, I quoted you in my last post?

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    • You’re right, hee hee, BF. To me this was brief. Sigh. I am sorry, I could write a dissertation on this topic right now.

      Slowly but surely the Christmas spirit is taking over — mostly because there is so much to do in preparation for it.

      Why was I so foolishly optimistic? To give them credit, i do think Roosevelt/Kennedy/Johnson/Obama brought positive change. I won’t even discuss what happened under Nixon/Reagan/Bush. Now That Man.

      Four steps forward, four steps backward. But now I am pushing 50. It is harder to take.

      OK, so my ice cream of choice is Tillamook Mudslide. When I finish the Thanksgiving pies, I think I will celebrate with a bowl in your name, BF.

      Of course you can quote me even if it is in vain, LOL! 😀

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      • Beth…I love when people get vocal about their passions. And you seem to have quite a few passions. This particular one is interesting. As I said, I’m simply apolitical, just can’t care. But I get miffed every time someone mentions how great Reagan was. How great can any man be who isn’t holding the reins in his hands? What’s scary is wondering just who was! Tillamook Mudslide…sounds like a winner!! who makes that stuff…B&J?

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        • First off, I imagine if you are not living in the States, it is easier to be indifferent. However, this election is going to have a major impact on every one of us who are living here. The entire government is now in the hands of radicals, anti-semites, racists and corporatists. Believe me, it would be hard to be unconcerned if your living depended on it.

          As for Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and war-mongering Neo Conservatives were in charge of the government even then. And look how that has turned out for the world.

          Tillamook is a cooperative dairy in Oregon. Better quality ice cream in some ways than B&J, but roughly equivalent. Check them out:

          Thanks again for the quote!! You probably raised my capital by about 500%, LOL.

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          • Yeah…easier, indeed! I don’t even watch TV here. So I’m totally out of the loop regarding…well, everything. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. But I feel for you. And people with brains. Can you buy Tillamook in other states? And thank YOU for the quote.

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            • Yeah, Tillamook is a national brand. People can get it in Safeway/Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs/Kroger and I think Hagen stores, among others. They may even carry it at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart — definitely Walmart. We get ours at Sam’s Club because you can get a huge tub at a discount. It’s less expensive than Ben & Jerry’s but just as good and with lots of flavors.

              BF, if you don’t mind my saying, think about the Cuban Missile Crisis and how that affected the entire world. Then think about our new President-to-be. Imagine him in that seat making the decision vs Kennedy. You ARE affected, the whole world is going to be impacted by this individual and the people with whom he surrounds himself.

              There is no place to escape the influence of a POTUS.

              We should all be afraid.

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  5. I understand your frustration, Beth. All I can say is try and trust God to work some good out of this situation. No leader is all good or all bad; maybe DT will surprise you. Meanwhile, enjoy your blessings at Thanksgiving and soon at Christmas. Pray the Serenity Prayer and wait for 2020. Best to you and your family 🙂

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    • Thank you Vera. I appreciate those comforting ideas, believe me.

      I have no choice but to wait.

      As for DT, well, I believe he is emotionally disturbed so of course one cannot assign words like good or bad when someone is not in charge of their faculties.

      However, the people he surrounds himself with have already proven themselves to be dangerous.

      If we believe in God, we subscribe to the idea that there is evil in the world and that we must resist it. That is part of the message of the Bible, as far as I know.

      This is the ushering in of a force that will not be good for the world. I hope it is brief.

      Meanwhile, I will do as you suggest. You are a good person Vera and like most good people, you look for the best in others. I try to do that too.


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  6. I enjoyed so much of your post, as well as the supportive readers who are intelligent and interested in the results whereas, I keep running into Hillary followers/people who say, “Oh, well! It will work out some way or somehow.” What? Are they delusional?
    You bet if the situation were reversed and Trump had lost, the ballots and votes would be recounted! (As you and Madelyn said!)
    I liked the turkey gravy tureens and “boats” which made me smile a few times as each one is beautiful, Beth!
    I am appalled at the stupidity of the voters, but do feel like I should whisper this, for fear of recrimination. There are those surrounding me at work, in stores and my apt building who say horrible things about Hillary.
    I may not have said this here, but on a few other blogs, I said, “I will never have the courtesy to call Donald Trump “President.” He will be Trump. As in a bad way, like we hot trumped (or screwed.) I cried all night past the 2:30 graceful giving in of the Democrats.
    My family was unified for Hillary and only my youngest expressed positive things about him.
    Planned Parenthood is important. It is breast exams, pap smears, contraceptive devices and much more than abortion.
    The fossil fuel followers and backwards people who don’t look ahead beyond their small, narrow minded lives are so upsetting I told my boss I would be using him as a reference and may not make as much money but cannot stand the smug faces on those who said they “knew” their Leader would win. I have given up on getting my foot back into education (360 + job apps, up till 2013). I am now applying at bank teller and daycare center positions.
    Well, I am running out of steam, need to head off to bed. . . Your blog post was beautifully executed and it was a pleasure to have a “safe haven” to spend time in, dear friend. xo Hello and hugs to Geoffrey. Sending you big, warm hugs, too.

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    • The worst thing about this, Robin, is That Man did not really win legitimately. The Kobach Cross-Check system gave him the election over the will of the American people.

      And, who are these people who did not vote at all? Another 70 million people sat it out. What is wrong with them?

      I am furious with the people who cast protest votes in the assumption that Hillary would win and they had to thwart that. Why? How could they possibly be so gullible as to believe all those lies about her?

      We are good,smart people, all of us who have joined together as Democrats. Are we all wrong to stand for helping the little guy? How can anyone believe that is what the other party stands for? This is just a return to the Reagan/Bush years. Can’t they see that? That’s when their jobs started disappearing as CEOs decided they didn’t have to pay a living wage. How can they not see that every Democratic President for the past 100 years has stood for the working man?

      Ach! I am sick about the American people. So easily lied to, so easily led to believe the same liars who hurt them in the past. That is where the real tragedy lies.

      If I had it to do over again, I would get a state or county job and have the security that comes with them. Rather than float out here on my own in the private sector trying to combat the billionaires and their greed.

      You and I are in the same boat, Robin. Wish me luck at Christmas with Geoffrey’s tea party rich family who are celebrating this ridiculous man. They don’t even know him and I do, first hand!

      I am not concerned about retaliation. I feel sick at the way the Democrats caved in right away after the election. I heard that Obama called Hillary and told her to concede that night. I hope that’s not true, because I will never forgive him — on OUR behalf, not hers, she doesn’t need this grief — if he did.

      Thank you Robin for the time. Good luck with the search and keep us posted.

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  7. It vexes me, Beth, to hear you here. You’re always so upbeat and positive so I can feel how affected you are by all of this. Completely understandably. How could this have happened? How could any of what is unfolding be occurring? We thought that progress had been made. Yet, as you say, does it ever change? Has it not always been this way? It’s depressing.
    I don’t know if it will be any consolation, Beth, but earlier tonight I came across a phrase, ‘…Trump illuminates the shadow….’. I was taken aback, at first, (how could That Man have anything to do with light?) but, upon listening to the rest of the video, I understood more and it gave me pause for thought. What has occurred/is still occurring there, here, Europe and elsewhere is the revealing of that shadow with greater clarity. It’s always been there but now it cannot be ignored. We know what we’re up against.
    As Obama said, this is a comma not a full stop. It is a rallying cry to loving, positive action for and from all of us.
    I’d switched off all notifications a while back, Beth, so I haven’t been in and out of sites the way I had been. I needed a break. I’m still not completely back but I’m going in, right now, to switch some back on. You are not alone, Beth. You know this. Supposing we’re only tiny matches, miles apart, there are many in the box that haven’t been struck yet. Now they will be. They have to be. Light always


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