Lake effects, no?

First off, Happy 2017!


This may be a completely disjointed post. Hopefully short on verbiage and long on photos.


We had a whirlwind Christmas with visitors and trips to the mountains, dinners out, and crazy weather.


Seriously, we are having lots of precip, which for us is a miracle. Cold enough to drape everything around us in beautiful white snow.


As I am writing this morning, it is raining outside. It has rained off and on for three weeks. Hope it continues.


I will be heading down to our other house on Sunday and staying through January. One reason is I have volunteered to help with the new baby. Another thing is getting our house in better shape. It’s still chaos. Wish me luck.


We walked around our lake on Christmas eve, so you can see some of the shots I took. All the lights were magic and just seemed to dance and float on the water at blue hour. The rest are on my Flickr page.


Do you make goals for each new year? I usually think about them briefly and promptly forget them, LOL. This year it will be more organizing and decorating.  I need to start a serious purge of things that are just being stored and never used. I am such a materialist in many ways that I hate to part with anything I like, and I like everything I buy. Ha!


My Israeli friends, who I have known since our days in NYC, have assured me that Trump’s election was an angelic-instigated event and that he will save the world from impending doom. Oh Boy. I try to keep an open mind and they kept telling me that they are plugged in to the real news, while ours is “cooked”. OK, let’s see what happens … but!


One of Geoff’s brothers gave me a book for Christmas on the coming financial collapse, based on the fact (among other things) that the credit default swaps practice is worse than ever. It even says something about the Ice Nine Freeze or something like that, which portends all our assets being frozen and seized to prevent the world financial system from complete annihilation. Do what? Put cash under the mattress?


I figure I have at least one marketable skill for the apocalypse: I am a trained baker. Provided we have ovens, that is — or hot rocks? 😀


My presence here in January will be spotty but I will try to get around to everyone. I am so grateful to all of you, my community, which seems to be growing without me doing anything special.


Thank you for putting up with me.


More soon … hugs. ❤


Images: Chez BeBe assets: Bridgeport/Valencia, California

23 Comments on “Lake effects, no?”

    • Thank you Bob. I sometimes feel I am not as attentive here as I should be. I truly appreciate your support and kindness!

      Happy New Year, by the way. Should be interesting! ❤


  1. Happy new year Beth. I pray 2017 will be a year of pleasant surprises and good growth. Lovely to walk around your neighbourhood with you 🙂 Good luck with the re-org and remember Marie Kondo’s advice – pick up and hold every item, and keep only things that bring you joy.

    I’m undertaking the same thing but in a condo it’s easier 🙂 Here’s hoping we both achieve our goals. Bless you and thank you for enriching our lives with your words and images.

    L’chaim and Shalom.

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    • Thank you Vera. I think we all have hopes that 2017 will be better than 2016 was.

      You are so right about that advice. I have to be more discriminating and not see every object in my house as a friend, lol.

      I look forward to more conversations with you, my lovely friend so far away, yet so close. Yay the internet!

      Hugs. ❤


  2. My New Year’s resolution ….lol…is not to buy anything I don’t actually need. I have enough ‘things’ to last me my lifetime and beyond. Knitting and crochet will be restricted to cat/dog comforters for local rescue charities, poor little things don’t have much, although our Winters are short the weather can be brutal for a few weeks. Aran sweaters with cables….no way Jose! Good post as always.

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    • Oh Linda, you read my mind. I was just thinking about the fact that I used to make such complicated sweaters and now I make simple shawls or scarves, lol. I can’t seem to do anything that requires too much devotion.

      How wonderful of you to do that. I wonder if people feel that need here. I may look into it. Poor little guys. Why can’t people treat animals well?

      I agree about buying more stuff. I am trying to restrain myself. I was just thinking about all my jewelry this morning, a lot of it inherited. Who will appreciate it? Should I sell it some day or give it to the females in my family? Will they even know what real jewelry is when the fakes are so well made? Dilemma!



  3. who doesn’t just love a disjointed post? I liked hearing about your house and the rain and stuff, but then I got to the part about the Ice Nine freakin WHAT? What’s that about. Who’s going to freeze my money? Is this real? So I shouldn’t transfer money from here to the US now?

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  5. I loved all the beauty in your post, Beth. I have had a few different things going on but no big problems, thank goodness! 🙂
    I will hope you may just simply love the baby and your new role. I think baking to make money is a fun and useful idea.
    I have hope for our future. I don’t think Congress and the Senate will put up with the arrogance of Trump’s “superior” leadership.
    I am going to be appalled for years at the people I thought were normal, good and everyday people who chose Trump.
    I have plans to head in November to see my college friend in Mississippi. Patrice spends spring through early fall in Michigan due to Hurricane Katrina. We have had fun meeting up in Lakewood, OH and her second home in Charlevoix, MI. It is truly like Camelot there. Her sister owns and is the proprietor of Castle Farms. It is gorgeous, Beth.
    It will be fun to get on an airplane and travel, even if to be in Long Beach. Hope you are well, happy and enjoying being helpful with the baby. ❤

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    • I know one thing, Michiganders are fiercely proud of and loyal to their state. I have never been there but must see it some day.

      We are reveling in the rain and cold here in San Diego right now. I will be going to Cape Cod again in July.

      Geoffrey’s family has a trip planned for the whole group to a resort in Colorado this summer but we have decided not to go. With all the time I spend in San Diego now and the Massachusetts trip upcoming, I really don’t want to be away on another trip. Besides which, who likes Colorado in the summer? The only time I would be there is in the winter.

      Trump is a fraud and incompetent. I think he will cause more trouble than he is worth and Pence will take over. Despite the fanatic that Pence is, he is preferable to Trump.

      Thanks for the compliments, Robin!


  6. Hi Beth – I have been slammed, so haven’t made it over here in far too long. The geese photo on Shiva’s post caught my eye. I founded OFI on the principles of The Goose Story (Noyes), so I have a thing for geese. When I saw that it was YOUR post, an immediate visit became mandatory.

    LOVED all the Christmas photos, of course – but as beautiful as your photos always are, please don’t try to keep the word-count down. Inquiring minds crave your point of view.

    Speaking of which – WTF in USA? The astrology bloggers are saying something similar to your Israeli friends (tho’ it is that he will inspire Americans to step up and save us all), but I’m beyond skeptical. My definition of “save” is probably quite different.

    Miss you. Enjoy the baby.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • I love all birds and especially geese, ducks and parrots, so we have yet another thing in common, Madelyn!

      So far, this week, That Man is proving my worst fears to be real. What in god’s name is wrong with this country? This is 1930s Germany as far as I am concerned. And, we shall see whether the good people here rise to combat this evil. So far, little other than the march. If it turns into a real movement that does something, I will join it.

      Miss you too, Madelyn, I am having an exhausting January so far …


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      • 30’s Germany is much on my mind. For the first time in my life I can see how it happened — NOT the same as “understand” how it happened, however.

        I did pledge my efforts to the Lysistrata-inspired women’s boycott that took place over inaugural weekend, after one of my followers posted about it on her blog. When dealing with Corporate Capitalists, speak their language.

        Since I live unpartnered and work for myself, I couldn’t exactly participate in those parts of the boycott activities — but I could certainly keep my purse closed for that sad, disgraceful weekend in American history.

        THE POINT: don’t even try it – women can and will shut down this country before we will see it fall at your feet.

        I haven’t read what, if any, impact it had, but I have located a group here who may well be tapped in, and I imagine many women are organizing follow up issue-focused boycotts. The more women who participate, the greater the possibility that businesses impacted will join us in screaming bloody murder.

        UNFORTUNATELY, not one single supporter of whom I am aware (or among my VERY few friends and acquaintances who insisted on voting for this unholy terror because they didn’t like Hillary) have changed their views.

        The real die-hards seem to be racist, sexist white supremacists who actually agree with fascist and authoritarian rule, still yammering on about the supposed “sins” of Hillary and Obama. Unbelievable that there are still so many of them – online mostly, but I have run into a couple in my own neighborhood bar, just down the street.

        This local group mentioned above is young (college up to 30-somethings mostly), and they gather monthly to organize, each having pledged “one hour a week” where they burn up the phone lines (figuratively only). Unsurprisingly, much of Congress seems to have turned its phones off – but that is a shut-down of sorts in nuisance factor alone – encouraging me to believe that many are calling to protest.

        Local efforts are seeming to be more effective, according to the friend of a good friend, who invited me to join a group here. They are vetting participants to make SURE that no “wolves in sheep’s clothing” infiltrate, so all must be invited by someone already involved.

        She said there were similar groups in other parts of the country, btw. Unfortunately for me, it will mean going on FaceBook – which I have been avoiding like the plague – but unusual times require unusual measures.

        We all must do whatever we can, IMHO – tho’ marching is not something I am likely to be eager to join (too easy to spin with “alternative facts” and I swear this man-child who would be king actually seems to *believe* his own version the moment it is out of his mouth!). I am also concerned that ‘Agent Orange’ is hoping to be able to “be forced to” invoke Marshall Law or curfews if too many people continue to take to the streets.

        ***WONDERFUL sign that his effort to ban certain immigrants was just shut down by the courts as unconstitutional – thanks to the efforts of the ACLU.***

        I’m not sure of the details (that time thing again) but I have recently heard that slowing down the repeal of ACA is essential. (I do not refer to it as “Obamacare” since so much of what he proposed did not get through and it has become an incendiary naming – a common Republican tactic that makes me weep).

        Apparently, a swift repeal is essential to future Republican strategies and, even if we are ultimately unsuccessful, if we can keep it from happening *quickly* it will throw a significant wrench in their plans.

        The very IDEA that they’d even consider repealing *before* having another plan in place (with transition periods) shows us exactly what they think of *millions* of American lives: EXPENDABLE.

        God bless the internet! With McDonald’s first-week actions toward censorship, it may be the only way to exercise our First Amendment rights ere long (Free Speech, for non-Americans reading) – or to remain informed by what journalists in other countries are saying.

        Before this turns into its own blog post, I’ll close, wishing you and yours the best possible in these circumstances.

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        • Feel free to enter a post-long comment here on my blog any time, Madelyn! You and I think exactly alike on this.

          I am upset with anyone who did not vote or voted Green or Libertarian, much less Trump, simply because they believe they dislike Hillary. So stupid and short-sighted. I simply have no patience with limited or benighted thinking like that, or a failure to take those actions to their logical conclusions. If you are an oligarch, then a vote for Republicans including Trump is understandable; if you are an ordinary person the way I am, that vote was stupid, pure and simple. And self-sabotaging. It is so obvious that I wonder at the intelligence of those people.

          The stupid electoral college was not implemented properly, either. People are so mentally lazy. That thing should be invoked or gotten rid of.

          I will see if there is any group that I truly believe can get back the Senate in 2018 and I will join them if so. That is the first step. We must take back control of the Senate. Then we can think about 2020.



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