I wasn’t going to post this week, as I have been swamped down here with getting the house in better shape, helping care for the baby, running around shopping with Deanna et al. and dodging the torrential rains (joy!).

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But I had to say something today as the New Deal and Great Society draw to a close.

Yesterday, I heard an interview with a man in Erie, PA who explained why he voted for the next man to enter the Oval Office, later today. He said it was because he had “borrowed a million dollars from his father and made it into ten billion”. I felt sorry for that guy. That was an urban myth that has floated on the surface of superficial factism that has now characterized the news for the past eight years.  What that man and many like him doesn’t know is that the current electee received two hundred million dollars upon the death of his father and only has three-quarters of it left.

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I am simultaneously reading a prodigious 1100 page tome on Nixon. What strikes me is how the politics and shenanigans of dirty pool and lies of that day were exactly as they are today. Nixon was a much more fit occupier of the roles he assumed but just as underhanded and ruthless in politicking as the future POTUS. Nothing much has changed, except the blindness of the voters here and the far right politicians who pushed back on tricky Dick in those days who seem absent today.  Everyone is onboard with his fleecing the public now. And the press is luke-warm in exposing the true agenda.

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What we are losing is the calm, intelligent, deliberative, intellectually curious mind of a dedicated humanitarian for a selfish, egotistical, inflated dabbler who will offload his duties to his daughter, her spouse and his VP. I never thought I would be grateful for that trio of fools, but I am. The last person who should be “guiding” our country is the man only a few sad, misguided, desperate people voted for in three rust-belt states.  I know those people are suffering. At least they are used to it, because it will continue and then some. They are living in their own fantasy now and I hope it carries them through what is ahead. They failed to take the policies espoused to their logical conclusion, something every good logician should do.

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Goodbye science, education, ecology, gun-safety, international harmony, free speech, honest press, access, transparency, social security, medicare, medicaid, earned benefits, low inflation, bank oversight, the helping hand, Americanism.  Think about what’s in store. Russophiles have triumphed. Even Nixon would be horrified.

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19 Comments on “Wasms”

    • I had a hard time pushing the like button this time, Cole, because what’s to like? I have the news off today. It is like a funeral for the morals and character of this country. I am deeply embarrassed. My only hope is that he will flame out quickly and at least Pence gives the semblance of reasonability, however extreme his views, at least he is not a vulgarian.

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  1. I wasn’t going to watch the inauguration, but like watching a horrifying train wreck, I couldn’t help myself. I prayed and hoped for a speech focused on unity, but alas, it was again filled with divisiveness, focused solely to those who voted for him. He insulted four of the past Presidents who sat behind him and all of Congress. He insulted urban-dwellers and people on welfare – well, it was the same old same old campaign speech.

    I will be fascinated to see, now that he finally is President, what he will be able to actually get done with a Republican House and Senate.

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    • I watched Turner Classic Movies all day while cleaning, because it was pouring torrential monsoon-like rain here and we didn’t go out.

      I could not even bear to read any headlines about the “auto-coronation” spectacle. I did hear that it was a very dark speech.

      It is like waking up in a nightmare.

      I know what they will do. They will gut Federal funding for everything and funnel money to billionaires. It’s appalling.

      Thank you Susan.

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  2. I went to my best local friend’s house, where we wanted to be able to say why we disliked the current Trump’s Inaugural address. It was a belittling rant, the aim to put down so many people, followers of Hillary, President Obama and all kinds of politicians. Jenny spoke first, child of a teacher and farmer, raised to be a Republican: “This is divisive and hateful, it is a negative diatribe.” I spoke next: “I cannot believe he is biting his possible Union with Republicans saying they are corrupt!”
    It is like he doesn’t care at all how he looks or acts like! Such arrogance reminds me of dictators.”
    Beth, I wore black and was sad but I have hope he will get impeached. I truly will never look up to him. Thanks for the pretty pictures and serious thoughts! 🙂

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    • The man is a fascist dictator bully and this country is in serious danger right now. I thought the march was fabulous. He doesn’t care to see the truth. America loathes this man.

      Thank you Robin!


  3. On personal note: the best birthday, Christmas and January in so many years, getting along in our 7th month. We are reading same book and then discussing, building puzzles and shopping once a month. Slow but sure like the tortoise. 🙂
    Hugs to you, Beth and dear hubby, Geoffrey. xo

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    • Is this your Italian friend or someone new? I am happy for you Robin and a belated happy birthday! I have always felt, “slow and steady wins the race”.

      Thank you. When I see Geoff, I will give him that extra hug and I know he will appreciate it! 😀 xoxo


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