East of eatin’

Summer is finally upon us and it roared into Santa Clarita with a vengeance. It has been hovering around 100F for over a week. This is the time I begin dreaming of snow and even the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July seems like a high point, LOL!

We’ve been back and forth to San Diego. I was supposed to go on the family pilgrimage to Plum Island next week but I am just too busy.

The Houstapo (our local HOA) has been making the rounds dreaming up expensive improvements to all our properties, so Geoffrey and I have planned to stay put until the middle of August, working on the house and yard.

But, I did spend the latter part of May and the first half of June down south, so I have lots of pictures. Some of them are in this post.

Might as well explain them right now. This is another of the five quarters, called East Village, which is just, well, east of the Gaslamp quarter with all its restaurants and shops.

East Village is undergoing a building renaissance with new lofts springing up in glass-clad towers and old warehouses being refurbished as office buildings, eateries and clubs. It is also home to the Petco Stadium that hosts the Padres baseball team. San Diegans are fiercely proud of the Padres and you can see it all over East Village.

We stumbled on this part of Downtown when we were seeking out SD’s best bagelry, which turns out to be Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy. We suddenly realized it was the ideal place to buy an investment property so we have been back scouring each street.

There is also a stunning library there. ย And a homeless Veteran population that has no where else to go and seems to be tolerated, if not welcomed.

Nonetheless, the quarter seems quietly industrious and clean. I can see an Air BnB making a steady income in the last affordable part of a major coastal city.

Since downtown San Diego is right on the ocean, you can feel and smell the sea from East Village, like no other part of Downtown. That is a nice perk and added incentive to invest there.

Not much else to report. Just waiting for the three years and six months to be up until we can hopefully go back to having civilization in this country. It has gradually sunk in that being civilized, like being adult, is harder than being barbarian and juvenile. Lately life just seems to rotate around the calendar with complete regularity. Just when I have gotten used to cool weather, the summer slams into us. The older I get, the more my life just seems like one big wheel, whirling faster and faster.

I guess America needed an infantile regression because the pain of facing adult, advanced responsibilities has finally caught up with the 35% of the voting population that made this choice — at the behest of the billionaire rulers — in a futile dream that somehow those billionaires would make life easy and safe for them again.

It would be tempting to fill this blog with inspirational fantasies of positivity or to simply indulge in weekly rants about selfishness and stupidity. But, I am just not into either. So, I will share my trivia and my photos until something changes. Until I see clear signs that the major blunder of last November is about to be corrected.

There are lots of things to be grateful for, and I am. Not the least of which is you, my WP community. Much love to you all.

Images: Chez BeBe assets: East Village, Downtown San Diego



16 Comments on “East of eatin’”

  1. Nice post and lovely photos as always. So hot here again even though it rained overnight. If Ryanair did cheap flights to the North Pole I’d be first in line!
    Just had to revive a Council workman who is lifting the manhole covers and putting some sort of eco disinfectant down…..never seen that before.

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    • I never think of it as being hot there, but that is just because I have forgotten. I remember spending some summers on the Mediterranean that were sweltering.

      But, oh lord. What bravery, Linda. I would probably have panicked. That workman was lucky that you were nearby!

      Thank you for the kind words here and on Flickr. I am so appreciative. โค


  2. The colours! Amazing!. Summer is slow to come our way this year- almost the long weekend and I still needed to grab a jean jacket this morning. As long as the lake is warm by our trip to the cottage in August, I can handle chillier-than-usual temps.

    Beautiful post, as always. xo

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  3. San Diego…love it. But you know, none of those area names were named that when I lived there, like “East Village.” Wouldn’t know where that was, east of “something” I guess. Your photos are amazing in this post. I’m still incognito, surface soon maybe.

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    • Incognito? I would love it if you did. But, I understand the need to be circumspect, especially these days, BF. What a world we live in. Thanks for the kind words about this. Yes, you would not recognize San Diego. It is now my favorite place in SoCal.


  4. Great photos. Enjoy your sun Beth ๐Ÿ™‚ I think our summer is over after a few short weeks of good weather. These tall buildings are making a mark now in the UK, when I was at the Manchester Festival I noticed for the first time how many new high rise buildings there are now. Manchester used to be a mill town, so most of the old mills were only about four or six stories and many of them have now been converted.

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    • That’s interesting, Charlotte. My family is from Lancashire and one of the things I love about the UK is how pristine the countryside is, and of course, how beautiful and park-filled the cities are. I hope they don’t turn into New York or Chicago, much as I like those two cities.

      As for sun, scorching hot all summer. I am a bit tired of it by now!

      Thank you โค

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    • I know what you mean, Robin. I am trying to separate the series that feature people (like my black and white series) from those that feature buildings and parts of cities, etc. I also avoid posting pictures of other people in my family (like my husband — who shuns all social media) or children in the family like Anna and Kevin, since you never know who sees these things, these days. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • You are wise, Beth. Separating the buildings from the ones where people’s portraits are featured helps me to focus on the subjects.
        I don’t worry about featuring my family since I have never mentioned their last names. It would be quite a challenge to locate them since I don’t have the same name as any of them!
        People don’t worry on Facebook since apparently people don’t have many public posts. I have never been on FB so don’t really know but do hear that people post grandbaby photos there, which I like to include my own since there are entertaining stories including their adventures. I have childless friends who say they like reading these. ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ง
        I loved the punch of colors and the bleaching effects you are experimenting on! xo ๐Ÿ’ฎ

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        • Yes, of course. I don’t use my relatives’ last name either. Byrnes is my maiden name and I use it professionally, so I keep it here too. My husband is from a famous family, internationally, so I have to protect them and respect his wish that I don’t draw unwanted attention to them.

          Thank you for the compliments, Robin. I am working hard on these photographs. xo


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