Bank shots

My niece is marrying a billionaire.

Well, I should say, a billionaire’s son. Now, mind you, I have hobnobbed with my share of the international cognoscenti from time to time and Geoffrey’s family are well known and affluent, but this is warp-speed level in another universe.

Her mother, my sister-in-law Vanessa, groomed this kid for exactly this outcome by sending her to all the right places to meet kids whose backyard was the globe. And, she’s a beautiful girl. An actress. So, maybe none of this should be a surprise. Most importantly, her future husband (both of them are the same age, they met in college) seems to be a really great person. He’s an actor too. Of course.

Now, as riveting as I am sure all this is to everyone — this all turns into another mammoth undertaking. One cannot simply throw a few rags into a bag and go, right? After the shock and awe of the announcement at a family party last month, and recovering my eyesight after glancing at the ring, I suddenly realized that I not only have to get on a plane and fly to this destination wedding, but I have to have four days worth of outfits appropriate for that crowd, to boot. Yikes.

Luckily, Deanna and I decided we would both go. Geoffrey cannot tear himself away from work and doesn’t want to spend four days doing “silly” wedding things. Al doesn’t want to go, period. So, we are going to make it a girls event.

So, of course I went online, straight to Bergdorf’s and got three crazy overpriced outfits, luckily, on sale. I have hundreds of accessories of every kind, so I justified the cost of those outfits by thinking I could break out some of my low-tick shrugs and bags, etc.

Then Van dropped the other Choo: we are all to wear white to the wedding! Wait, what?? Noooooooooo… Yup, another trip online, this time though, I was so thoroughly chastened that I headed to Nordstroms and got my ecru evening-appropriate dress there. Now I am lousy with wedding guest duds, so I guess I will have to find other weddings  to crash (and I usually avoid them like the plague).

For a very brief moment of insanity, Deanna and I considered saving ourselves a ton of hassle and skipping it.

Then we came to our senses. When would either of us ever-ever-ever get to go to four days of parties with that crowd? Would you be surprised if I told you Harry and Meghan might be attending? Am I sounding groupy-esque enough now?

It takes a lot for me to be star-struck. Growing up in NYC, and having celebrities in our neighborhood, passing them on the street without a second look, I didn’t think any of these people could possibly impress me. But my niece’s future family are just fascinating, pure and simple. I want to see what dollar-genius looks like up close and personal, LOL.

Now, of course, I am setting myself up for either being overwhelmed or disappointed. We shall see. Geoffrey just sneers at my excitement and (probably rightfully) concluded it’s merely an excuse to get dressed up, since he goes out of his way to do the opposite.

Uh, yeah! Deanna and I are going to pull out all the stops, and at the very least, have fun showing off our glam-girl sides. Something we never get to do in LA (suppose we are not hanging with the cool crowd here).

OK, enough about that. This is Banker’s Hill in San Diego. Right at the edge of Downtown, these are homes built by financiers in the early 20th century. The whole neighborhood is filled with vintage mansions, immaculately kept and updated. Most have views over the city to the water, just to the west of this enclave. The properties are astronomical but this is the place I am determined to find a hut when we make our permanent investment of a home in the area.

For now, we are still enjoying the houses we have.

Another nice aspect of the upcoming bash abroad is I will be able to share some awesome pictures of the surrounding area. I doubt we will be allowed to bring cameras to the wedding events, so my cell phone will have to do. More on that when the time comes.  Meanwhile, I have to get all my other obligations out of the way so I can relax and look forward to whatever my brilliant SIL Vanessa came up with (although she assured me the groom’s parents’ staff is taking care of all the usual arrangements. Leave it to Van to have fallen into that piece of luck!).

Anyone familiar with this blog already knows what my wedding was like (hint: Un-y-mooners posts), hee hee.

Stay tuned and thank you for putting up with me as I pre-drool, copiously.

Images: Chez BeBe assets/Banker’s Hill, San Diego


15 Comments on “Bank shots”

  1. Un-Y-moon :brawl room—- I bet was the The Warwick on Rittenhouse Sq. ? Used to
    accommodate lots of “Debutante Party’s”. Very nice place. Got a good laugh out of the
    post. Thanks for the memories. BH

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bob, it’s always so great to hear from you!

      I re-read that post myself and laughed ruefully. It was exactly like that, as ridiculous as it seems.

      In fact, I realize there is one more post and I am going to do it next. It will be titled “The Un-y-Mooners”. The last chapter in the year long wedding series. What memories.

      Honestly, Bob, I have forgotten the name of the hotel where we stayed. It must be some Freudian wish to block it out! LOL!

      More coming soon.



  2. Bankers Hill is gorgeous, Beth! That’s a dream to behold, for sure.
    Hey, I’d love to see what’s up at that destination wedding, just like you are anticipating. The thought of checking out that strata would keep my curiosity up the whole time. Buying enough suits for the occasions … and wearing them … I’m with Geoffrey there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mark!

      You identified the exact reason I am going. I have no idea what life is like in that economic stratosphere and who these people actually hang out with.

      We always imagine they are just like the rest of us, but I am not sure. I will find out. This will bring out the anthropologist in me. I just wish I could take a real camera. I may buy a purse-sized one just so I have something!

      Yeah, to the suits. Honestly, I hate packing for fancy events. But, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion so I will soldier on, hee hee.



  3. This sounds wonderful, I’d be terribly excited too 😀. Do they need a wedding singer 😄? Hehe.

    I hope you get the chance to tell us about it, the colours, the food, the entertainment, oh boy!

    I’m sure you’ll look fabulous you have exquisite taste.

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    • Ordinarily, I hate getting dressed up these days, but for this, I am actually looking forward to it, LOL!

      I realized that I am going to take a pocket camera and hope I can discreetly snap pictures without seeming like a tabloid plant! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Nothing like being the crass American to embarrass my niece. 😀

      Now you have me wondering who will perform at these events? It has been planned for over a year. I will let you know if I think they are any good, hee hee.

      Thank you for the kind words, Charlotte. More on this, to come.

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      • Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding. I’d love to see your outfit and how did you decide to wear your hair? Did you wear a hat? What was the entertainment?
        I’ve been let out of rehearsals early today, yay, so I can finally sit out in the warm shade and relax for a couple of hours and catch up with my blog friends 😊.

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        • The wedding is still coming up at the end of August. I am wearing a Shoshanna cream lace dress with a blush lining, champagne shoes and purse, and a small dark blush fascinator. I will let everyone know all about it and what the entertainment is. I have no idea yet!

          It is a mystery event and they are being very tight-lipped about it. I hope to see Meghan and Harry though — friends of one of groom’s family.

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  4. I feel bad. I was more excited at seeing the pictures you posted 😦 I have no interest in billionaires, but I am intrigued by the finer things in life that they are able to access. Fancy foods, exotic locals, textiles, etc. I am not interested in them as individuals.
    I’m glad you’re attending the wedding, it’ll be a great experience (I hope).

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    • I would agree with you, overall, JM. I am not sure whether they are interesting or not. It depends upon how they came to have this kind of wealth. If they are crooks and gained their fortune by gaming the system to dupe others, then I don’t find them interesting.

      Likewise, if they inherited the money, that is a known quantity.

      The ones I am interested in are the self-made, honest, philanthropic kind of which this family are one. They did it on their own, doing something useful and doing it well. Then, turning around and giving others a hand up.

      That is what interests me. What makes one person kind and another merely greedy? That is what a behavioral scientist like me finds valuable to learn.

      Thank you!!


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  5. I love the first shot! My fav, it must be the colors in mesmerizing view.
    I’m not familiar with the area you have photos about, but the all look gorgeous. 😁
    Wishing you fun on the “High-Seas” of matrimony shenanigans and look forward by all the photos you can grab. 📸

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s San Diego, the third largest city in California. I have spent a lot of time there in the past two years and this is one of my favorite neighborhoods.

      I will definitely share my photographs and escapades from the upcoming events. It has been about six years, I think, since I last attended a wedding and it wasn’t as “exotic” as this one will be, hee hee.

      Thank you so much for stopping and commenting. I love your new avatar, by the way.



  6. I’m so excited! That is really cool to be able to rub elbows with a great crowd.
    They may be kind, caring and generous people as well as being famous and ultra-wealthy. You know we must not judge them by their glamorous covers, Beth.
    My brush with the Harry and Meghan couple is through my brother, Rich, spending some time with Bishop Michael Curry.
    I haven’t posted his picture with the Bishop but it will come up soon! 🙏 I absolutely loved his lecture – speech which resonated about “Imagine’s” message of open-minded love.
    Unspoken but to me love crosses borders, goes around the world and means everyone. . . 🌐 💞

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    • Robin,

      I loved that wedding. We taped it on three channels, especially BBC so we could hear their commentary. That was an extraordinary event in Britain. I am dying to hear what my English cousins thought of it.

      How interesting that you have a connection to Bishop Curry. My grandmother’s family is Episcopalian and the rest of both our families, Geoff’s and mine, are Roman Catholic. I love the Episcopalian version of Catholicism. So much more balanced and modern. But I have to say, I also love Pope Francis. What an amazing preacher he is too.

      Anyway, these people, my niece’s about-to-be in-laws are progressive and kind. Yay! We need them in this family, believe me. I need allies!

      Can’t wait to reach about Bishop Curry at your blog.

      Love you, Robin

      ❤ ❤


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