Start spreading the views – Part One

Well, from one glorious city to another. Here we are in my hometown, New York City. I grew up in Manhattan on Sutton Place and my parents had a house at the Jersey Shore. So, this trip was a homecoming. I plan to cover this epic celebration in three parts. By the way, I didn’t take a camera (high security events) instead bringing two new cell phones, each with amazing cameras, and took the pictures you will see here and in the next two installments.

As you may recall, my niece invited us to her wedding to the son of a prominent billionaire. It was a hard decision to make at first, whether to go or skip it, but we decided to go after all. And all of us are so glad we did. Deanna, Anna, Al, and I went. Geoffrey stayed home with Kevin and the animals. It worked out well for all of us.

The four of us who went are all Northeasteners (well, Anna is a Tarheel, technically). It was old home week. We flew to Newark Airport (my fave), rented an enormous black 2018 Murano (fantastic SUV), piled a freakish amount of luggage into the back, and headed to the Plaza Hotel on 59th Street at Central Park in the city.

I have already mentioned (and it is in my Fall sticky post) that I love The Wales on Madison and 92nd Street, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, for its European boutique hotel qualities and the gorgeous, elegant Carnegie Hill neighborhood where it is located.

But, the many parties scheduled as part of this two-week extravaganza were being held all over the city and parts beyond, so we picked the Plaza for its central location.

One is never disappointed with the Plaza. We had a luxurious suite on a high floor and enjoyed the sybaritic pampering a great hotel provides. They weren’t nonplussed by the bags either. We all made sure to take the best ones we had, dressed for comfort and glam (well, Deanna and I, anyway), and felt right back at home.

Deanna grew up in Tribeca, so she did the hipster end of things; I made sure I looked very Upper East Side. It was fun. Al was Al, wearing the same sloppy clothes he wore in prep school and like all comfortable professionals who enjoyed the proverbial silver spoon, paid no attention to what he wore whatsoever. Now that’s self-confidence!

The week in Manhattan and environs was a crazy chaotic mix of rushing from one event to another, finding parking, battling traffic, sightseeing, nostalgia treks, and eating. How we did it I don’t know, but we were motivated.

If I were to tell you I had no idea what a billionaire’s wedding could be like, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. Nothing I could have dreamed up could possibly come close to the way they did this, which I will probably elaborate on a bit more in the next post.

Meanwhile, we ate our way through Manhattan.

We went to some old standbys but also to a few new ones like Breads, an Israeli bakery chain with three shops in Manhattan. In addition to having the most incredible breads, including all the usual specialties like Challah and Babka, there are sandwiches, spreads, pastries, cookies, soups and salads — all delicious and unique.

I was dying to try their Tunisian Sandwich and so we all went there and stuffed ourselves, bringing back bags of baked goods jammed into our suitcases.

As we rushed from the tip to the top of the city, we were all struck by how much new building was going on, particularly the stunning new neighborhood that has replaced the run down “meat market” of the Chelsea district of Manhattan on the West Side. It’s now filled with beautiful futuristic architecture and an elevated pedestrian play ground called the High Line that runs on for about a mile and a half.

The High Line is flanked by new co-op and rental luxury apartments, office buildings, and upscale shops and restaurants. All are one story above ground level and spreading. There are views of the Hudson River to the West and proximity to some of the newest urban richster watering holes with all the latest cafes, design-your-own juice bars, sky clubs, rocking music hideaways — the works — that any 21st century sensibility could want. We all agreed, if we were to move back to the City, we would live in Hudson Yards.

And to make matters even more fun, while we were idling waiting for our iced frappucinos to be ready, Michael Avenatti walked right past us! Deanna wanted me to talk to him, but I am not star struck and figured he wouldn’t necessarily like to be way-laid on his brisk walk to some chill destination. It would be just like Avenatti to live in Hudson yards. Dressed in dark slacks and a crisp white shirt, he looked exactly as he does on television but larger than life, somehow.

We sped down to Ground Zero to see the Freedom Tower, then to Battery Park Conservancy so Anna could ride on the SeaGlass Carousel there. Then we visited the Maiden Lane building on Wall Street that Geoff’s father had bought, with his 70th floor penthouse office, so Anna could see that too. Then we raced up Broadway to hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art so Deanna could take Anna to the Egyptian Room there.

And this was just the first few days! I will try not to wear you out all at once. More coming up in Parts Two and Three, so stay with me.

Images: Chez BeBe Assets: New York City 

12 Comments on “Start spreading the views – Part One”

  1. Hi Beth!
    Wow, the word whirlwind doesn’t sound like enough of a word to describe your trip!
    Loove the photos, they are rockin’! The restaurant Breads sounds delicious and would love some Challah fresh out if the oven.
    Can’t wait to see Parts II &III.
    😁 Nims

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Nims!

      It was a crazy trip. We literally barely slept between the things to do to move from one place to another and the opportunity to see everything back home that we had been missing so much. We didn’t realize it until we were there and we didn’t even mind the stifling humidity, lol. Our biggest challenge was our hair!

      Thanks about the photos. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take decent shots with just cell phones, but they came through. Honestly, now I hate lugging around a camera and lenses.

      The Challah was fabulous and there were a dozen varieties of it too. We just don’t get that in Los Angeles.

      You are a doll! TTYL ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, now I remember. Didn’t you work in textiles, Bob? Well, if you haven’t been in awhile, you would be pleased with what you see now. So nice to hear from you! 😀


  2. Yes, the “garment district” (all over the world). Thank you for remembering. I visit fairly often to White Horse Tavern area (Hudson st. W Village) UES, East 92nd. and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The “drive” is getting impossible. I don’t pass by your “photos”..thus their
    special interest. Again, looking forward to #2

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just got home from New York and thought of you, it was a quick visit and I loved the business of the place and the stores all decorated in their Christmas best. Went to the Opera and saw the absolutely amazing Diana Damrau, didn’t succeed in my audition but made the most of my trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, wow! That must have been quite an experience, Charlotte. You will likely have other opportunities there in the future, so I am rooting for you.

      As you know, I love NYC, the way I love London. I could happily be in either.

      You visited at a wonderful time of year. I am so glad.


      Liked by 1 person

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