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Start spreading the views – Part Three

It took a visit from Charlotte to remind me that I owe you all the conclusion to this story, so, finally, here it is. Where were we? Heading north from the Upper East side of Manhattan, glued to our lane in the worst traffic jam I have seen in decades. The drive near the wedding […]

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Bank shots

My niece is marrying a billionaire. Well, I should say, a billionaire’s son. Now, mind you, I have hobnobbed with my share of the international┬ácognoscenti from time to time and Geoffrey’s family are well known and affluent, but this is warp-speed level in another universe. Her mother, my sister-in-law Vanessa, groomed this kid for exactly […]

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Guise and dolls

Well, here it is, Friday morning. I had planned to have this post up by late last night. But, my schedule flew out the window because I watched the entire 11 hours of the Kangaroo prosecution of Hillary Clinton yesterday. I put the DVR record on so I could pause and take care of chores […]

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