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Cake to coke?

My antennae are always up for information on diet and nutrition.  This has been a lifelong avocation of mine, probably because I hate to go to physicians and yet am a bit of a hypochondriac.  The closest I can come to describing this dilemma is to point you to Woody Allen’s movies, including Hannah and […]

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Velvety chocolate magic

I hate to waste my calories on things that look impressive, are relatively tasteless and yet still fattening. So, I almost never buy or eat layer cakes from the majority of ‘bakeries’ or ‘baked goods’ sections. For one thing, they rely heavily on Crisco (a truly deadly product) for their icings, instead of real butter […]

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My chocolate muse

Continuing on with my favorite chocolate confection formulas, from last weekend, here is number two on my list. These are a light, rich, delicate  but still chewy (when they are fresh) chocolate ‘cookie’ that can be made with or without regular flour, especially because the percentage of flour is very small. As cookies go, they […]

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