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Twelve years a laze …

It has been a little over a decade now that I have worked from my own home office, first part time and then about five years into it, full time.  I am just discovering  how luxurious that has been. On Friday, after a long week of suspense, I was selected to be on a jury […]

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Power posing

I spotted this article this morning: In the wild, higher status animals often take expansive, open postures. To assert their rank, chimpanzees puff themselves up to seem larger. Peacocks fan their tail feathers to attract mates. We see the same displays in the human kingdom. The confident speaker strides across the stage, voice booming. […]

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Being encryptic

I saw the article below in the NYT Thursday.  It talks about the NSA having backdoors into all our online media and having broken into or received permission to penetrate virtually every major databank that holds all our information, including banking and medical data. And, as I was closing out this topic, look what […]

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