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Hostel California

I did not want to write about this at all. I had next week’s post (wait for it) in progress. And then Glenn Frey died. It was just impossible to ignore his passing and write an anodyne post in a time when two other  performers I cared about passed away as well. It seems my […]

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Oblivio Oblivias Obliviat

I am no Latin scholar, despite having studied it for four years in high school.  I took Latin because I planned to be a psychologist or psychiatrist and as such it was recommended that one of our two required languages be either Latin or German.  One of my quirks is that I have to love […]

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Bleeders in a world of sharp edges

My grandfather used to compare me to a cartoon character named Nippy, who was always mischievous and often wrong. Today we found out that many in the media who rushed to judgment about the cause of Robin Williams’ depression and suicide being attributable to relapsed substance abuse got it wrong. In a statement released Thursday, his widow Susan said: “Robin’s […]

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