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Update: this piece is apropos of my post last Friday, so take a look — it is an intriguing read and theory. Former Bush Secretary of State, George Schultz recently offered that government officers must ask themselves the question, “What can I do to make the world better” and admitted to harboring some doubts that […]

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ThIS IS a plan

“It’s better to be strong and wrong, than right and weak.” Do you agree? It seems to be the primary message of extremists¬†all around the world, Trump among them. If you listen to talk radio in this country, you are likely hear vociferous support for the new brand of fascism that Donald Trump is promoting […]

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Let me explane

This has been one of those weeks. ¬†Geoffrey has a one-month restoration project that takes place at night in DT LA, so our whole household schedule is turned upside down here and that means none of us is really getting any sleep. That gives me a chance to binge watch my favorite series, so I […]

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