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We were so exhausted Sunday night that we just collapsed in front of the TV, flipping the channels for something mindless yet not insipid. All the stuff I had DVRd was just too heavy.  Then I realized I had a Bill Moyer’s episode taping, so we watched that. There was a long segment with Richard […]

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My Jersey shore

I had originally posted this in 2013, but, in honor of hitting a milestone with my newest follower today, the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, I am releasing this again.  Thank you to that wonderful organization for honoring me by reading my blog.  I can honestly say, having been all over the world, that the […]

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The Liebster Award

Before I talk about the lovable Liebster, I wanted to mention that I have decided to make this blog a long-term project.  I had been experimenting with it and getting a sense of the WordPress community here.  I feel right at home with the vibe of the place, which means I can unpack now, lol, […]

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