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Festive autumn fruits galette

When I have to bring something home-made to a party, rather than have to worry about retrieving my cookware, or marking it on the bottom with my name and phone number, as I used to do, I find a way to make everything I bake (or cook) one-way.  No matter how pretty the container, I […]

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Penny wise, pound fool

As you know, I like recipes that can be kept in my head.  That is one of the things I learned when I worked in a bakery many years ago. The best way to keep a formula (recipe) handy is to know it in percentages and just memorize them.  It also helps if that formula […]

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Savory autumn pie

I like to collect recipes that I can keep in my head, so if I am traveling or visiting, I can put a meal together without resorting even to the index-card ring sets that students carry in culinary school. One of the easiest and most versatile dishes I make (when I cook!) is one I […]

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