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Ox tale soap

On April 1 I saw this headline in our local rag sheet.  As is often the case, it dovetailed perfectly with the post that had been swirling in my head for today. If you only knew Stepford-like Santa Clarita, you would be rolling in the, well, wherever you are and could be rolling around, doubled […]

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It’s time for some more newsy miniutiae about the summer and my schedule.  We have been running all over the Central California coast, previewing places to take Anna while she is here this summer and at Christmas.  Our destination last week was San Luis Obispo (SLO, as the signs say all over that area). I will […]

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You have probably had your June quota of ‘heavy’ already. So, I thought this week, I would update a few of the personal threads that have been running through this blog from the beginning.  Some of you know the characters and issues, others of you who have joined my community of friends here more recently […]

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