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Does not compute

I don’t know what your week was like but mine was strange.  It started with the home invasion scare (all this time later, nothing new, except we changed all our locks to key only and are just paying more attention when we are outside).  Then I had the silliness with magazine subscriptions. Next, as I […]

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Babes ‘n’ arms

The New York Times now has a running series of articles as a category, focusing on guns and the NRA.  I happened to notice two of them this week that are particularly concerning and both have to do with the fact that children are being targeted for gun sales and are also killing each other […]

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Out of energy

Our ‘wonderful’ local electric utility company has a new plan to save us money.  They pick one four-hour period per month and make that a ‘power off’ time.  To join the program and get savings (the estimate doesn’t sound like much), you agree to turn off every electrical appliance that you can for that four […]

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