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The great obscurian novel

I just got this email from Word Press: I skimmed it as I usually do with their posts, just to find out if it was anything earth-shattering. Have you seen this? It invites us to spend November writing the great American, or whatever, novel.  The challenge is to write every day and make it […]

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The Haunt of Red October

It’s finally October, a time of year most of us in the Northern Hemisphere look forward to for its cool, crisp fall days, the turning leaves, familiar signs of harvest.  I do too.  But for us here in our Southern California idyll, October comes with trepidation. This week it has been as hot here as […]

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My Jersey shore

I had originally posted this in 2013, but, in honor of hitting a milestone with my newest follower today, the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, I am releasing this again.  Thank you to that wonderful organization for honoring me by reading my blog.  I can honestly say, having been all over the world, that the […]

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