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Funny how the mind works. When I opened up my brand new User’s Manual for the Nikon D610, I fully expected the first words to be something like “You have just gotten the best camera in the world, you brilliant creature you!”.  Imagine my surprise when it just began with a list of FAQs because we […]

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This will be a bit different. A two-parter, I am going to talk about my cameras today and next week, come back with some pictures taken with my newest one as an update to this post. I am clearly in the thrall of this hobby, which I suddenly realized gives me something to do in the summer when it is too […]

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Alas, through the looking glass

Look out what you wish for. This is the latest chapter in my ongoing love affair with my Nikon camera.  It seems none of my passions are of my own choosing. They come seeking me out. Like Alice, when I am smitten with a project, I fall through some aperture and find myself in a wonderland of […]

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