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Festive autumn fruits galette

When I have to bring something home-made to a party, rather than have to worry about retrieving my cookware, or marking it on the bottom with my name and phone number, as I used to do, I find a way to make everything I bake (or cook) one-way.  No matter how pretty the container, I […]

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Savory autumn pie

I like to collect recipes that I can keep in my head, so if I am traveling or visiting, I can put a meal together without resorting even to the index-card ring sets that students carry in culinary school. One of the easiest and most versatile dishes I make (when I cook!) is one I […]

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Mad about maple

My favorite flavors are butterscotch, caramel, molasses and maple, in that order.  While we likely have an abundant supply of the first three, which are all based on sugar cane, a warm climate crop, maple, from the sugar maple, is rapidly becoming a scarce and precious commodity (one more casualty of global warming). As a […]

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