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Thought proof

This past week CNN has been airing a special program about three people who apparently died and were brought back to life.  All three had experiences of an afterlife that they viewed as being heaven.  In all three cases, the physical death was for an extended period of time and they had similar experiences of […]

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This is going to be a brief post, just to make sure I don’t fall off the wagon during this busy part of the year. For one thing, I have been involved in completing a massive and very time consuming as well as complicated project that I hope to be done with tomorrow.  For another, […]

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Festive autumn fruits galette

When I have to bring something home-made to a party, rather than have to worry about retrieving my cookware, or marking it on the bottom with my name and phone number, as I used to do, I find a way to make everything I bake (or cook) one-way.  No matter how pretty the container, I […]

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