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Treasures lost

This is a totally spontaneous post because I happened to read about two people who I really admired passing away this month. Completely tangentially, we decided to try subscribing to the LA Times again, to see if it was any better than the last time we had it delivered.  Geoff grew up with this paper, […]

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Creating harmony amid cacophony

I hope you won’t mind if I re-post an e-mail I received from Ralph Nader.  This is what courage really looks like.  Not capitulation and compromise of one’s core principles just to keep the peace, but true understanding of and compassion for human beings and our planet. Pete Seeger acted and in so doing, he […]

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You, Inc.

Following along with a couple of themes I have touched on in this blog, including yesterday’s articles about what it takes to succeed, I want to talk about branding.  Essentially one take away from the exercise of rebooting my niece’s college prep was that we re-branded her from someone who was just meandering along in […]

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