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The great obscurian novel

I just got this email from Word Press: I skimmed it as I usually do with their posts, just to find out if it was anything earth-shattering. Have you seen this? It invites us to spend November writing the great American, or whatever, novel. ┬áThe challenge is to write every day and make it […]

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hAvatar will e-travel

We were so exhausted Sunday night that we just collapsed in front of the TV, flipping the channels for something mindless yet not insipid. All the stuff I had DVRd was just too heavy. ┬áThen I realized I had a Bill Moyer’s episode taping, so we watched that. There was a long segment with Richard […]

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Just imagine

A study came out recently that has a lot of my colleagues buzzing. Here are two articles you might find interesting:! I wonder about the validity of relying too much on one study but based on my own understanding their conclusions make sense. In sum, their research indicates that people who read good […]

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