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A Bridge-t-oo far

I think the key to this whole New Jersey Bridge-gate will be Bridget Anne Kelly. Any moment now, she is going to unleash on Christie, who accused her of being stupid and mendacious.  Steve Kornacki has an interesting explanation of why this is likely.  It has happened to Christie before.  Despite his protestations that ‘this […]

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NYC litmus test

The New York City mayoral race continues to deliver interesting insights on a number of levels.  Not only has it provided prime circus-like entertainment through the unfortunate campaign antics of Anthony Weiner, but there has just been a surprising turning of the tide toward Bill deBlasio.  I have contended all along that this is an […]

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Planes, trains, and automobiles … wait, make mine the Hyperloop!

I have been a traveler all my life and absolutely loved it.  Most of that travel was while I was growing up, in high school and college, and then graduate school.  Some when I was first married.  I have a lot less time to do it now and the urge has abated. One reason is, […]

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