A Bridge-t-oo far

I think the key to this whole New Jersey Bridge-gate will be Bridget Anne Kelly. Any moment now, she is going to unleash on Christie, who accused her of being stupid and mendacious.  Steve Kornacki has an interesting explanation of why this is likely.  It has happened to Christie before.  Despite his protestations that ‘this […]

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Delightful, Delovely, DeBlasio

Tuesday evening, we were transfixed in front of the toob, watching the returns from several states on MSNBC.  It was a nail biter, but the outcome was so positive, we were cheering by the end of the night.  You can read this, which was posted before returns came in, to get an overview of what […]

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My Jersey shore

I had originally posted this in 2013, but, in honor of hitting a milestone with my newest follower today, the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, I am releasing this again.  Thank you to that wonderful organization for honoring me by reading my blog.  I can honestly say, having been all over the world, that the […]

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