Holding on~

This post is from one of my most valued community members, who shares my love and reverence for life around us. She speaks for those with no voice and this recent post is of vital importance. We need pollinators more than we need chemical companies who are decimating them in order to line their pockets. Please consider doing what you can, and while you are here, read this sensitive blog by a magnificent human being. Gator Woman, thank you and bless you!

Walking with the Alligators

miamibluemichellewisnieski                schaus22

A Miami Blue Butterfly                                                        A Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly
Photo credit: FWC/M.Wisnieski                                        Photo credit: FWS

At first glance this morning, the first story below, gave rise to a tiny hope for two critically endangered, if not already extinct Florida Butterflies, but alas, upon reading it, the two that I had been hoping this pertained to, were not even mentioned in it.

So, is this good news  nonetheless, absolutely.

South Florida is at long last, cutting way back/down on its use of pesticides in controlling mosquitos.

But we need to do it here, there and everywhere and always, from this day forward, if we hope to continue to see the entire range of pollinators, amphibians and countless other fragile and environmentally susceptible creatures in Florida.

The two aforementioned Butterflies, The Miami Blue   and  The Schaus Swallowtailare both teetering on extinction, thanks to countless decades of failure to understand, respect and appreciate the absolutely devastating…

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