Update: this piece is apropos of my post last Friday, so take a look — it is an intriguing read and theory.

Former Bush Secretary of State, George Schultz recently offered that government officers must ask themselves the question, “What can I do to make the world better” and admitted to harboring some doubts that his Party’s current standard bearer has ever thought of that, but is rather occupied solely with himself and his own betterment. If an old conservative like Schultz is acknowledging that, it makes me wonder what has happened to our country. But, I don’t want to regale you with my political opinions — you know them already as I have made them no secret.


It does take us back, though, to the age old question about our purpose in life.  What is it? Just make it through each day and then, 85 years in, expire? In many religious traditions that merely dooms us to repeat a life of struggle, over and over again. We go round and round on the Karmic wheel for eons. We are little more than animals, with about as much control over our fates, and virtually no hope of ever having any either.

Most religions also recognize a way to escape all this grief and it can be summed up nicely by a few terms, depending upon which tradition you choose. Know yourself, wake up, be aware, be actualized, become fully conscious.  For my entire rational life, ever since I was very young, I have been trying to figure out how to do that, even though I could not at first express the concept in any of these terms.

I just knew instinctively that I wanted to be in control of myself in every way. To have self-mastery.  It has been a struggle and I have studied as many paths to this state of full human incarnation as I have had time. It is probably the primary reason I became a behavioral therapist, a child psychologist. It all starts there and if we don’t get it right early, we will be fighting against a closed mind and ego for the remainder of our time in this body.


To me, what happiness boils down to is finding out what we need to do to open our minds, truly see ourselves, and make good things happen to us and others, and prevent bad things from happening (Bubba talks about this all the time).  What that means to each of us will depend upon our culture and experience, but, as in many areas of existence, we know what good things are and what bad things are instinctively. We recognize them when we see them.

I am reading a very well written scholarly book on the Borgias. Apart from my love of that time period, and history, it has really brought home to me once more how many big mistakes have been made throughout history by people abusing themselves and one another in pursuit of all the wrong goals.  By wrong I mean, material goals like sex, money and power. None of these things bring joy, contentment, inner harmony, completion and accomplishment. They are the wrong avenues to choose for any sense of our life mattering after we are gone, and certainly while we are here. How much easier it is to see human foibles with the crystalline perspective of 500 years!

27165323342_7d61f64f9c_z (1)

In previous posts I have talked about all the easy to understand fables and metaphors for this issue, such as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the movie The Matrix, the concept of being sheeple.

Here’s another. I don’t remember where I first heard it. Maybe in India.  It tells us to think about consciousness as the distance that we can see clearly around us. Picture being in a forest. On the forest floor, at the bottom of the trees, we are in semi-darkness and can only view a few feet in any direction. Our knowledge of the situation is limited. The farther up the tree we climb, the more the light penetrates and we can see farther, take in more information, understand more about the context in which we find ourselves. We can also start to see others in other trees, at varying points as they attempt to climb higher for a better position, vista and understanding. The closer to the top of the tree we get, the fewer people we see at equivalent points in those other trees. Finally, if we don’t fall or stop, we reach the top, only a few will be at the top and now those who have gotten there can see everything: the other treetops, the world, other people, and the forest floor with those still in darkness there, trying to understand but hampered by a lack of visibility. And, as a coda to this notion, we can only see our own level and below — not above. That’s one reason we find it hard to understand the point of view of those who have advanced beyond us on this parameter of consciousness.


Why do I even bring this up again? Well, frankly, I am trying my best to understand why people are acting in this inexplicable manner right now.  I do truly want to figure it out because I just cannot fathom endorsing the conduct that we are witnessing and want to give those who do every benefit of doubt. It isn’t a matter of intelligence, even though it would be easy to settle on that explanation. Nope. In the end, it is a matter of being sound asleep, as Gurdjieff wisely observed 100 years ago.

Oscar Ichazo came up with a great system for understanding ourselves.  It is based on some ancient principle, probably Sufi.  It goes something like this. There is sanity and insanity, unconsciousness and consciousness.  The level of sanity starts at -6144, that’s minus six thousand one hundred forty-four. The level below that is -12,288 or insanity. At roughly -6000 (we’ll round it off as Aricans do when talking among themselves, for simplicity sake) — we are totally asleep, i.e., unconscious, but technically sane.  Life is basically about getting through the day. We are grappling at that level with our fears, which are legion. These fears are archaic, laid down millions of years ago and somewhat involuntary. In fact, at that level the sane but unconscious person is ruled, hemmed in by 6,144 fears.  I think of it as a complex web of wires, a maze from which we see (if we even recognize it) no avenue of escape. There is almost no choice involved in daily living at minus-6000, because these fears dictate our every thought and action. When you are afraid, you will be desperate for someone to allay those fears even with obvious, outrageous lies. We are slaves for all intents and purposes when we are in a minus-6000 state.  Sadly, that is where the majority of people spend most of our/their time. Some people never get any higher, ever.

The next level up from 6144 is -3072 (can you see where this is going?). This is the level of “rules”. When we are being “3000”, we are all about the rules. Right and wrong. Do this, not that. This is the level of anger. We are deeply unconscious in 3000, and hemmed in by those 3072 rules but a bit more awake than we are at 6000/fear. Some people are the epitome of 3000. They are the “should and shouldn’t” folks. Always telling others what to do, barking orders, legalistic, on a hair’s trigger when they perceive an infraction. Uptight, negative, pessimistic, feeling that they are misunderstood, -3000 is not a happy place to be.


Then, of course, there are those who are what Oscar referred to as -1536 and which Aricans casually refer to as being “1500” (‘fifteen hundred’). These are the people who are full of themselves, arrogant, know-it-alls, confident that they are superior. They are sound asleep — it’s minus 1500 after all, but of course you could never convince them of that. They are sure they are much better, smarter, savvier than you, and everyone else. There are fewer of them, there are legions of 3000 and 6000 people all around the 1500’s, so the world looks as if it agrees. Fewer people are at 1500. There are only 1536 laws governing the freedom to act of people at that level, but they are slaves to those laws nonetheless.

Naturally, I could fill us in on the rest of the levels of unconsciousness as we wake up in stages, all the way up to +24 which is considered enlightenment, being fully awake and in control of ones thoughts and actions, free, blissful.  Joseph Campbell would certainly refer to it that way. These people are at the top of the tree. It doesn’t mean they are Pollyannas, it doesn’t mean life is smooth and easy for them. It merely means their inner happiness overcomes the outer obstacles or challenges or setbacks and they are permanently content.  Of course, we also slide up and down the scale all the time, rarely, if ever, getting above zero. Still, we do tend to dwell on our base or home level most of the time, until we can progress and stay in a more awake state of consciousness. Sometimes we never get higher.

So, without going on into this theory (and I have found it to be a muscular, robust tool for understanding human behavior over the past few decades since I learned about it), I ask you, if for argument’s sake here you accept the premise of this theory, how many people do you think you know personally or have seen or heard with your own senses that are at +24? And how many do you think you know or have seen that are at -6000?


Exactly. That is the only way I keep from being plunged into despair about what is transpiring right now. What can I expect when a very 1500 asleep huckster is manipulating the 6000 fears of the masses and the cranky old misanthrope is haranguing the 3000 rules of the angry crowds he attracts? Anyone who is at the level one step higher than the rest, has this ability! Is it any wonder that we may be on the verge of a cunning 1500 shyster taking the helm because the vast majority of the population is simply afraid, and the ones who aren’t, are just angry?

This is one reason I like the only remaining person who at least, while certainly not fully awake by any means, spends most of the time at -768! Reason, analysis, explanation, patience, nuance, intellect, with a dose of true empathy. Many people just cannot see it, because they are stuck in the 360 degree web of unclarity below.

This is just our plight for the forseeable future because human evolution, indeed, all evolution progresses very slowly.  Until the majority are at at least Zero and maybe +12 and +24, this is what we are in for. We had better just try our best to raise ourselves up that scale, climb that tree to freedom. We will have stepped off the wheel. And then we simply won’t care.

Images: Chez BeBe assets/San Diego and Pine Mountain


30 Comments on “Ashleep”

  1. First, love the pics, esp the first one with the one seal looking alertly at the little pigeon while the rest are asleep. Kind of typifies your entire post.

    I’m not a psychologist and I’m not certain what’s going on either other than folks are teed off, feel powerless, don’t know what to do about it, and see Trump as someone sticking up his middle finger at everyone who, in their perception, who is in power. They aren’t stopping to think their perception is flawed.

    They think in stereotypes because most are white, middle class men who see themselves as screwed by “the system” who has given “special treatment” to minorities, women and those with lower incomes. They don’t think of Trump as rich and powerful – they only see him as a white male who is an “outsider” (meaning outside of government), and applaud him because he says out loud what they’ve been saying for years. And when he has a rally and shouts, “Get out, get ’em out,” they don’t hear him just shouting at the demonstrators – they hear him shouting at people in office they didn’t vote for, minorities and women who they think have taken their jobs, and immigrants who think are the cause of all their problems. It’s the same mantra from the movie Network: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

    A bit more than 2 cents, but those are my thoughts.

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    • I welcome your two+ cents, Susan, always. And, thank you for the compliments on the photos. I put them in here for relief, lol.

      I agree with every word you said. To me, it reaffirms the notion that the people following Trump and even Sanders feel angry and disappointed, and mostly afraid. The future seems bleak to those who have been pushed aside or who cannot get a leg up. I agree with them that this has happened. Where I disagree is who or what caused it and what to do about it.

      I just heard the President say this morning that we must look inward, to examine our hearts, our souls. Certainly this is what Jesus tells us to do. The only way to figure out a way forward, is by being self-aware, and if one subscribes to it, seeking higher guidance.

      Anger, fear, yelling, wild promises, hatred, divisiveness, external blame just whip up more fear and more anger, provide no solutions.

      If either Trump or Sanders becomes President, these false hopes will be dashed and then where are we?

      In any case, I do feel terrible even for the men who have seen their way of life eroded, slowly, for decades. They must be bewildered, especially those who thought they worked hard and did what they were supposed to do.

      The only answer is consciousness and goodness, imho. But I am open to other ideas!

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      • Yes, I know. I frankly don’t see Sanders winning at all. The sad thing is, I think since the beginning of his campaign he’s lost sight of the big picture. If he had any sense at all, he would figure out a way to make peace with Hillary before the convention. Otherwise, he’s throwing the election to Trump.
        I’m preparing myself for Trump win; Sanders’ people have already said it Hillary wins the nomination, they will vote for Trump. It’s sad to me Hillary can’t figure out a way to charm Bernie and find common ground – but she’s never been a charmer. Unfortunately, that’s been one of her weaknesses from the beginning. She gets too defensive too quickly, and she never paid attention to all our grandmothers’ advice; honey catches more flies than vinegar.

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        • I agree. If we subscribed to Astrology, Hillary has a lot of planets in Scorpio, which indicates secrecy, guardedness, self-protection, frozen emotions, the works.

          She doesn’t sound good, she is a middle-age woman (I relate to what that means!), she isn’t charismatic. She’s very defensive and I can understand why. I could not take what she has been subjected to for the past 25 years.

          What she is, is intelligent, hard working and pragmatic as well as compassionate. I am hoping Trump will galvanize the Democrats to vote for her, whether they love her or not.

          I am one for not holding the good hostage to the perfect.


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  2. I think this is very deep and interesting post, Beth. I appreciate your even wondering about contributions to the world, society or at least our neighborhoods. This will need to be revisited when I am not distracted by a game of monopoly! 🙂

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    • You are kind to say so, Robin. I was feeling rather deep when I wrote it, lol. I truly do try to keep all this in mind when I look around me and see the mistakes I make and of course what I believe are other people’s mistakes. Who am I to judge?

      Another thing I learned is that we are all on a ladder. There are millions, billions above each of us, climbing and millions and billions right behind us. None of us has any right to be judgmental.

      At least, I am working on being less so, and as understanding as I can be.

      Monopoly, fun!!

      Hugs, Robin, always ❤

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      • The only candidate who can possibly lead us upwards is Hillary Clinton. I do like the Maslow’s pyramid or theory of hierarchy. We do spend most of our lives at the bottom thinking of our own needs, while the top becomes a pinnacle many never consider. I am one who needs less and less in. The way to decorate my apartment and my own self, but still adore pretty things, which may remain in museums, in nature of me other people’s homes.
        Trying to picture how our society can get out of our self-indulgent “rut” and not be so worried about guarding our “nuts” which my good friend who was so far right we sometimes yelled at each other about this subject over twenty years ago.

        As a teacher she was great, but she said she was a “squirrel” and had very few “nuts” which meant material things and money itself. “Why should she share it/them with anyone else?”
        It almost “blew my mind!”
        I introduced her to this handsome but easy going man, one who was going through a divorce and I met at a video store. I had overheard him saying he didn’t know where to meet a compassionate person who would embrace his raising his son, while his wife would be raising their daughter (with another man already)~ as soon as divorce was final.
        Jenny learned to share her but and by reinforcing this man’s broken spirit he moved up in his company into the engineering department without even going back to school! He has a fine mind and gentle spirit and grasped these huge yard’s large (not inches or feet but yard’s!) motherboards for running factory company’s operations. He worked on her like water on a stone, she evolved! She became generous with his daughter, while she could not have kids she shared her “nut.” I product her to be kinder to the ungrateful son, by telling her he is still young and will see the beauty and love in their relationship over time. (She had been like a military robot stepmom and he, living with them, saw her at her original “squirrel”stage.) Maybe this doesn’t all apply, but she was like we were, rather hopeful for Senator John Kasich, now sees the light, Hillary is a fully capable, yet flawed, President. Who doesn’t have their flaws? ❤ Hugs, Robin
        p.s. Micah, age 7, won the Monopoly game while Mom and I on a team, as well as Susan, (Dean of the liberal arts BW college, who got her bachelor's at Princeton), artist Randy, and my brother, the "other professor or doctor in the house" all lost!! 🙂


    • In my long reply, my phone changed words like “prodded” to “product” and this is silly “nut” to but because I couldn’t have possibly hit the B next to the N! Lol
      I should have checked but pushed post comment too soon, alas.
      The folk song about how many wars, how many seas does a white dove flt before it can sleep in the sand?, etc ends with chorus,
      “When will they EVER learn?” Somehow this seems “apropos” to your own “ashleep” thoughts. xo

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  3. Right…the purpose of life. Lately, I’ve been thinking the 85 years in and then just expire may just be the answer. Because for most it is about sex, money, power. That is why I like going to places like Bali. And Bhutan. This is a very interesting post, deep insights. But you may be wrong about Trump. I think he is happy. Because he thinks so much of himself. And because he knows so many people are at the level of being afraid, and angry. And asleep.

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    • Oh, definitely, BF, 1500 people are happy because they are SURE they know what’s what. I have many people among my in-laws who are right there: wealthy, “successful”, sure of themselves, know-it-alls. Totally asleep. They are on the cradle to grave express without ever questioning existence. I would rather be a mushroom.

      Trump should be happy: he has it all, he has achieved the American dream. Never mind that he got a major boost from his dad, never mind that he has cheated his way to the money he has and lies all the time. He climbs into bed with that fatuous beauty every night, pulls the satin sheets up and slumbers peacefully amid the gleaming marble walls without a concern about any other human being.

      I would rather be a mushroom.


  4. One more point, that I will develop elsewhere. A lot of people, my husband and I included, go searching around the world for answers. Some go to Eastern monasteries, or ashrams.

    Oscar’s idea was to plant Arica right in the middle of the busiest “marketplace” in the world, i.e., New York City. He said, you must find your inner center there or it is useless. The minute you leave the ashram or the monastery, it is gone and the world pours back in and you are asleep again.

    You must be able to be awake anywhere. Then you really have it.

    More on this sometime and input welcome!

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  5. I can always count on a thoughtful romp through consciousness on your blog, Beth — and IMHO, this is one of your most intriguing. You managed to write an entire “political” Op-Ed without actually referencing the specific issues at hand or naming names – and I mean that as the highest compliment.

    “Is it any wonder that we may be on the verge of a cunning 1500 shyster taking the helm because the vast majority of the population is simply afraid, and the ones who aren’t, are just angry?”

    Although I try to avoid discussing [non-mental health] politics on my blog, I feel oddly compelled to ring in publicly on this beyond bizarre election cycle. Looking for a toehold, I have been searching the i-net for *any* logic behind the madness of the popularity of the name-calling, bigoted campaign of he-who-shall-remain-nameless. His playing on the fury and fear of the many Americans now living with one foot over the financial disaster line has come up repeatedly. I suppose that explains the underlying psychology as well as anything – even as it offers no rudder one might grab to turn the ship before we’re all scrambling for lifeboats.

    So MANY people seem to be looking for someone to blame, rather than ways to back-step our way out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. When a media personality posing as a politician points decisive fingers this way and that, those people seem all too ready to chime in with “Yeah! What he said!!!” (as Images of Kristallnacht, mean girls in High School bathrooms, and cyber-bullying blur in the anxious nightmare that haunts my nights).

    I wish I could join you in your ability to “keep from being plunged into despair about what is transpiring right now.” 2016 is the closest *this* WASP woman has ever come to believing that she might actually feel similar emotions to those of 1930s Germans – religion aside – who could see the horror that was coming, powerless to do anything to avoid it but pretend not to see it or flee.

    I’m not prepared to expatriate immediately – but if the upcoming election goes as it it is beginning to seem that it just might, I’m fairly certain I won’t like living in an America where the “leadership” is a loose canon with a big mouth (and a press corp all too eager to rally around impulsive soundbites, however nasty). I’m also not prepared to live in a country that becomes the butt of jokes for the rest of the world – which just might be the best case scenario if my worst fears about the upcoming election come to pass.

    Feeling like Eeyore, wishing I could be Piglet, and wondering where my puppy and I might find a 4-year hide-away if America goes crazy(er). Meanwhile, let us all pray that everyone with any sense at all makes SURE to make it to the polls.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • Madelyn, I was almost afraid it might happen until the Trump University “Playbooks” came out yesterday.

      The transcripts of testimony and the material in those “books” themselves demonstrate that Trump is the very crook who takes money from poor people, even their life savings and disability checks, that his main supporters (poor, uneducated, older white men) are upset about. He was intimately involved in that fraudulent get-rich-quick scheme that preyed on gullible and desperate people.

      The Democrats are going to hit that hard.

      I believe Clinton will be our next President. Like you, I am deeply embarrassed in front of the world’s community about the fact that one major party is standing behind this ruthless Gordon Gecko/Bernard Madoff trickster. Republicans have no morals in doing that. They only care about “the long game” as that hideous Mitch McConnell admitted yesterday. What a loser that man is.

      I suppose today we will hear Trump ridicule Stephen Hawking, who called him a demagogue yesterday. Trump doesn’t like people with any kind of disability, so get ready for that.

      Every Republican should be examining his/her own character right now.

      Thank you Madelyn!

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      • I don’t have time or brain-space to give this the response it deserves – long BUSY day – but I wanted you to know I read it, nodding in agreement.

        Let me respond with the following relative quickie, reminding us all NOT to overlook Trump’s comment about McCain in response to McCain saying that Trump “fired up the crazies” – “[McCain’s] a war hero because he got captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” OUCH.

        Trump’s response when called out on it (by some) took a sad song and made it sadder.

        Copied from another comment I made elsewhere (on a site by a Sanders supporter who seems not a fan of Hillary, btw):
        [since the shameful way we treated the returning Viet Nam vets … regardless of one’s feelings about war or any particular war] NO ONE must ever again be allowed to express anything but gratitude to the brave men and women who fight and die for our freedoms – without immediate condemnation.

        I cannot believe that ANYONE running for any office would think they could get away with it. (emphasis on “think” )

        It’s shameful that we don’t allocate more resources to support for returning vets – but it doesn’t take a balanced budget to make *sure* we say nothing that DISrespects their service, even those who *clearly* cannot respect it.

        My response is new respect for those Republicans who didn’t attempt to skate when asked to respond (“There is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably,” tweet from Sean Spicer – and the unequivocal tweets from Rubio, Christie, Walker, Jeb Bush, etc.)

        I have lost all respect for those who could not respond strongly or who tried to avoid anything that might be politically damaging (ex., no comment on Trump from Santorum or Cruz, even tho’ they DID tweet support for McCain’s heroism).

        Ironic that this particular gaffe falls so close to Memorial Day, and that Trump’s “come-back” was contexted as an attempt to clarify ( vs. an apology), followed by further attack, “If a person is captured, they’re a hero as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like the job John McCain is doing in the Senate because he is not taking care of our veterans.”

        hmmm . . . enough to placate the vets who decided NEVER to vote for the man the moment the comment made it ’round the ‘net? We will see.
        Keep stickin’ that impulsive foot in your mouth, sir – let America see clearly what the world will be exposed to if you were to become our “fearless” leader. After all, simple diplomacy requires *some* fear of reprisal — one would most certainly hope!

        And do NOT get me started on his disabilities slurs!!!!

        PS. Rushing sans proof-time – my apologies

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        • His slurs are for everyone except himself, Ivanka and Melania. He is despicable. The worst narcissist I have ever seen.

          Likewise, reading your post here Madelyn, I was nodding and also shaking my head. I am in disbelief that this man is a hair’s breadth away from the White House.

          My international clients think Americans are backward, violent, and stupid. It’s disgraceful.

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          • Your European clients are hardly alone in their opinion of Americans, Beth. As the Trump train gathers its minions it becomes increasingly impossible for the world to believe otherwise. One out of control American has amassed enough money to have purchased enough notoriety to reach the rest of them, who have demonstrated that they WILL vote for him.

            Sadly, too many Americans ARE backward, working two jobs at minimum wage to barely make ends meet as they watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – disgusted with the growing imbalance of wealth made possible by laws enacted by corrupt and self-interested politicians. Because the derogatory soundbites he tweets give voice to their anger, too many Americans seem to be foolish enough to vote for a filthy rich businessman with no political experience

            Trump’s expertise is marketing Trump. With the assistance of our profit-obsessed TV industry only too happy to give him air-time, he has become a reality-star – an entertainer – presently exploiting the media to propel himself to the presidency of the United States. Expertly, to date.

            Reading blogs all around the internet, it appears that even some Americans who seem well educated are planning to vote *against* Hillary without thinking about what voting “for* Trump will mean. Others will vote for him because of misguided party loyalty and an insane belief that some “long game” that will turn things around is actually in play, with nary a thought about what Trump’s short game might do to our country FIRST.

            I am deeply concerned about what he is likely to pull NEXT, even if he loses. Graciously concede and step away quietly? Not his style. His impulsivity appears untempered. There has been no indication that he has any policy advisors who can give him cogent political advice that he is willing to accept. He seems to listen to no one, as he continues what appears to be his campaign strategy: tweet to the crazies.

            And when the rabble is sufficiently unquiet we will see their violence. And then what? Marshall Law? Or is that part of Mitch McConnell’s long game playbook?

            I am afraid – very afraid.

            My apologies for leaving comments that are more like blog posts. I guess my own impulsivity is at play here. I’ll do my best to rein myself in!

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            • Bill Maher has said that Americans are stupid. I am afraid a lot of us are.

              Did you hear that speech Hillary gave today? If you didn’t you have to find it and listen. Clear, calm, informed, insightful, strong, intelligent and caring. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind.

              And deeply asleep.

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            • Missed it – but I did locate the transcript, so THANKS! I hope she was not merely preaching to the choir, and that it might encourage some of the “blind” to squint through those closed eyelids, at least.

              I left a link in my reply to your latest comment on ADDandSoMuchMore (PTSD post) — didn’t want to presume to leave a live link on yours.


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  6. Oh no, she wasn’t doing that. This was an incisive, searing speech that every single person on earth who heard it, felt to the core. I am certain the Republicans are dying a thousand deaths after seeing that Hillary can eviscerate this fraud just by using his own words in a completely even manner. It was astounding.


  7. Since childhood too I’ve been keenly aware of higher goals. I was a social worker and therapist too, and my quest has been a good one. However, to use your analogy, I’m still a babe in the woods. It ain’t easy, the nirvana business. Keep up the good fight, my friend. Your photos kinda point the way. As Woody Guthrie said, ” This world is such a great and a funny place to be. The gambling man is rich and the workin man is poor. And I ain’t got no home in this world anymore.”

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    • Our professional backgrounds are similar, Stephen, and here we find ourselves in Los Angeles, the marketplace, right? Trying to stay awake amid all the confusion.

      I find it a huge challenge. Osho used to say that we love our fellow man but not the man next to us. I have that issue with my husband’s family and my neighbors. Love of humanity is easy. Getting along with the next person is very hard. Conscious awareness would help.

      It is a struggle to wake up every single day. I use the photography and gardening and singing and knitting to help make it all easier.

      Thank you so much. It is heartening to know a fellow traveler so closeby!

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