No woman is an island

Well, here I go again, apologizing. I meant to be more active on WP this last two weeks but the project got in the way. I am wrapping it up this week, so I should be back to normal shortly. I don’t intend to be absent, I have just been overwhelmed.


There isn’t much new to report.  I was thinking about my California experience, though and realizing something that had never occurred to me before. That is, first off, I am always near the sea, wherever I go.  That seems to be archetypal since my family is from the UK originally and the sea figures heavily in that region.

But, what is more interesting to me is that I started my life, the first part,  on the ocean facing the sunrise or the beginning of things. And now, I am firmly planted on an ocean that is facing the sunset, the culmination of things.


My life has settled into a very quiet pattern that is likely to be the model for the foreseeable future. Most of my days are spent around my house (somewhere on this blog a couple of years ago, I put up a typical day in the life of, kind of post).

The weekends almost always involve one or another event with the in-laws, to whom I am being a lot more generous these days. I have always been extravagant with gifts for them as I give other people things I think they will like but of no less value than something I would want for myself. That is the way I was raised.  When my parents came to visit me at Cornell, they would take a large group of my friends out shopping or to dinner. They never just gave something to me, while anyone else was around. I am the same way.


But I mean a generosity of tolerance. How else could I deal with them right now? With what is going on here on their side of the equation, politically right now, if I weren’t able to see past that, I wouldn’t be able to sit down with them at all.

Last week, we had a big party for my MIL, whose dementia is progressing to the point that, at the end of the evening, she wasn’t really aware of why a big table was piled with gifts.  We had the party for about 50 people at what was once a Tyrolean lodge (Emily is Swiss). There is little left to acknowledge that history as apart from our party in one dedicated room, everyone else at the place was from south of the border.  It was funny to see a band of mariachi performers in Lederhosen!


Geoffrey was in his usual element, regaling his extended family about his restoration projects all over the Southland.  I just circulated, water in hand to everyone else’s champagne, and made the small talk that is the hallmark of California socializing.  Always a mobile NYC gal, going along to get along, but never really leaving my island perch.


Things around our neighborhood have gotten crazy, and again, as with the advent of the online community Next Door, I am now privy to way too much information about everyone.  Even though it is supposed to be a congenial meeting spot to share tips and residential news, it has also become an airing point for people’s squabbles, fears, paranoia and dissatisfactions.  The latest is that there have been some robberies (people foolishly without enough security, I gather) and the insane notion that terrorists have moved into the enclave.


Now, at over a million dollars a house for even a postage stamp, how likely is it that terrorists would go to that trouble and expense, merely to smash and grab a few laptops and earrings? No matter, people are trembling in fear and anger over the prospect. I would love to know who started that rumor.

As the only NYer in the area apparently, I shared a list of things people could do to further protect themselves.  As it is, we all have cameras and security services and gates and dogs and monitors — what more do we need? Well, some of these people are packing in a big way. They scare and sadden me.


It also struck me this week that I started on an island (Manhattan) and am now gravitating toward another area dotted with them, as discussed last week and this (pictures).  If one is going to pick easily accessible (while not very affordable) islands, these would be excellent choices.  And then it further hit me, that my family is from a set of islands! Am I progressing, I wonder?  If I go any farther, I will land in Japan and then, what, right back to England? It makes me laugh to think about all this.  It must be in my blood.


We are awaiting the long process of De, Al, and Anna moving out here. They are also expecting again, so we all have that to look forward to.  Anna is also getting to the age where I can feature her as a model. She can leap for me and dress up (she’s a natural entertainer as it is) and give me a chance to develop my portraits.


Anyway, all of this has been percolating in the background while I have been inundated since January.  I am hoping for a break next week and then to take better care of all of you. Thank you for being so indulgent and coming around to visit me even when I have been so neglectful of you. You know I am thinking of you, anyway, over here in my little personal island castle.


Next up: my perfume obsession 😀

Images: Chez BeBe assets: the Channel Islands, Oxnard, Ventura, California


20 Comments on “No woman is an island”

    • Hi Jim, thank you!

      I am using an 18-300 on the D5200, a 24-85 on the D610 and my 10-24 on the D800.

      I rarely change lenses, since I tend to screw up all the settings when I do, so I carry three cameras, LOL!



  1. I really liked the idea of your being an “island” like in the Simon and Garfunkel song, “I am a rock, I am an island. . .” You may be more social then you let on, Beth. I feel warmth and energy through your words. You circulate and make people feel welcome. The mariachi band in Lederhosen made me laugh out loud. I also agree that neighborhoods are sometimes too connected, especially nice to have privacy!
    I like that you enjoy bodies of water, preferably the ocean, Beth. I don’t mind my two reservoirs which are pretty and attract all kinds of wild life, eagles included, Alum Creek and Delaware Dam. I also miss Lake Erie, along with being in college near Michigan, I enjoyed the sandy dunes along Lake Michigan.
    We are close in some of our ‘tastes’ and backgrounds, but we both admire similar things, too. Nature, wildlife, books, learning, healthy living, love, family and friends! 🙂 Love you like a sister who would be nice to know in person, Beth!

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    • Robin, I feel the same way about you!

      You know, Geoff and I were saying that Ohio is our Canada: the people are all so nice!

      We were thinking about how gentle and kind Ohioans are. Even Kasich, for heaven sake. I could live with him being our President and that is from a life-long Democrat. I was telling Geoff that I especially like his wife and kids.

      Anyway, I went to school near those great lakes and could be quite content there. I have a cousin in Ohio too. He moved there from NY when he got married and he raves about it. Truly loves it.

      Seriously, that so0-called Swiss “resort” where we had the party was pretty funny. The amazing thing was, with not one Swiss thing about it, my MIL didn’t seem to notice. At the end of the night people sang Swiss songs to her and she was in heaven.


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      • Well, someday we may meet in Ohio, NY or California. Don’t worry, I have been saving so no one will be camping in your guest room. Lol Friends may offer, but good friends, say, “No thank you,” as they make plans to meet at a coffee shop, crafts stores or restaurant. 🙂

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      • Kasich was accepting his Ohio party win on campus my SIL is Dean and professor at, Baldwin Wallace. When people heckled during his celebration, Kasich calmly said he believed in passive or peaceful opposition (protests) but “This was not the time nor place.” He acted like a gentleman! 🙂 He is probably the only Republican I will accept, at this point but voted Democrat in Ohio’s Primary, Beth. xo

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          • We are close to the same page and this makes me happy, Beth. Thank you for such a great beginning season of discussing off and on, politics. Your followers are great and open minded. Nice to relax here, not worrying what I may accidentally say. Laugh out loud! Just hoping we can find something that works in a better way, since what is “broke” needs some “fixing!”

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            • Absolutely. I am just hoping that we all pull through this together and then get something done for the people for a change. I hear that 1/3 of those swept into office in the House in 2010 will be gone in 2016, so, goodbye and good riddance.

              As for this community, there was only one person who was unstable and tended to be snarky and is now gone altogether, thankfully. Everyone else has been wonderful, even when we disagree. I hate walking on eggshells and worrying that I might inadvertently step on someone’s landmine — to mix metaphors, LOL. People like that need professional help and not from me! I come here to relax, too and be with the wonderful people that gather here, like you. ❤


  2. Our lives take us away at times, as you know. I’m trying to comment more on those I love and have felt that I have neglected in a way also. Reading your posts brings me closer to you, where you live and how you feel. A further insight into how you think about things, what you care about. Your photography is breathtakingly beautiful. The beach, water is something I as a Cancerian connect with too. Sadly I live about 45 mins from the nearest one. Can’t wait to hear about the perfume obsession. Hugs ❤️

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    • Jen, I think we all come to this slowly. Gathering a group of sympathetic souls around us and then supporting each other through thick and thin. I feel close to this small community of friends here as if you were family and so am not offended when you don’t comment for awhile.

      I have Venus in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio, so I love all things related to the archetypes of water signs. I think that is one connection you and I share, intuitively, Jen. Strong water in our charts.

      A warm hug back!! ❤

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    • Oh, thank you! This place is so gorgeous that I couldn’t take a bad picture of it. That is where we plan to head when we retire. Keep your fingers crossed. 😀

      I had a lovely Easter and hope you did too!

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